Thursday, 28 July 2011

Make do with what you got!

So, as you all know i have decorated my bedroom, again! (& yes i am aware i still need to upload photo's!) ... My furniture: dressing table & drawers are white. This causes me a problem because everyday i am forever wiping away makeup stains! 
I got pretty fed up of doing this as i felt like i shouldn't even use them even though that is what they are for! So i invested in some material!... Well i say material, its more like a plastic adhesive that simply peels back & sticks on. I brought this just from a local household shop, and it cost me £1.99 for a small roll. I only needed one roll as i was only doing the tops of the drawers and dressing table.
Today i decided to start the task, and it was so easy it took me no longer than 30 minutes! After measuring it all up & cutting the right amounts, there i was sticking on some black paper. It is so smooth to touch, and any makeup will wipe away easily and not stain the paint work. 

& here is the final product! It looks almost brand new as in how it would appear in a shop! 
I'm really impressed with it for £1.99. You can also get it in different colour's and styles! .. I had black to match the rest of my black accessories in my room :)

Have you customized any of your furnishings? xxxx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sigma Beauty

So, a while ago i entered my very first blog giveaway, & yes i was luck enough to win! I was so excited as one it was my first time of winning, two i had never heard anything about this product that i would be receiving, & 3 from pictures i loved it! The blog giveaway was from * Every Streets A Catwalk * , and it was simply a 'Enter me' type of comp! I am really happy with it so i am thankful for the giveaway :)

I received a Miss Taylor Flat Top Kabuki Brush, and it is the best makeup brush i have ever seen!

It is a small brush for blushers or bronzers, and it is so so soft... It is perfect for the handbag! & also looks fabulous on any dressing table! It comes in black & purple, obviously mine is purple, and it has a metallic look to it which is just so pretty!

A description states: 'Get some Hollywood Glamour! The Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki is the easiest way to apply powder products such as blush, bronzer, foundation, and highlighter on-the-go. Practical and classy, the Hollywood Glamour collection is a must! Featuring the synthetic sigmax fibers for high definition application' and i totally agree!

The company are from the USA ... the price is $25.00 ... But they do ship worldwide!
I am thinking of joining their affiliate program, so i will post a link for this product once it is set up for any of you who are interested in purchasing one of these lovely brushes!
You can follow Sigma Beauty on Twitter:

Have you tried anything from Sigma Beauty? xxxxxx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Re. Foundation Blues...

If you have read my recent blogs then you will know all about my new foundation purchase... if not please find it here :)
As promised I said I would let you all know how I got on with this Loreal Infallible make-up.... Two words, love it! It has a perfect coverage and is so soft to the skin. The shade that I brought (140 Golden Beige) totally matched my skin complexion, and it just looks really nice. I would not say that it has a '16 Hour' wear, as I still find after a busy day at work, it does not stay on as good as it is when its first put on... BUT it does not come off altogether like most foundations do!
Overall I would rate this product maybe an 7/10... as it is quite pricey.

Whats your favourite foundation? xxxxx

The end of an era!

So, last week I graduated, eeeek! 4 Years of hard work finally over! I had such a lovely day... It was better than I anticipated. It was at Trentham Gardens; such a lovely place! Here are a few pictures to share with you all...

My tan is of course 'Lauren's Way' ... Why would it be any other? :) You can buy this tan here.
I am now a Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor with Honour's... English (BA) :D

Have you had a Graduation this year? What are your plans now? xxxxx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Barry oh'M'geee...

Whilst i was out shopping in Superdrug the other day, i noticed that Barry M still had the '2 for £4.99' offer on the nail paint's; and once again i was hooked! There are so many colour's to choose from... i really just want them all! I already have a few at home as i am trying to collect them... but i ended up buying another 4 to add to them!
The picture too the left are the ones i brought this time round. From left to right...
304 Mint Green
307 Lemon
317 Blue Moon 
318 Peach Melba
I absolutely adore these colour's! They are so fresh and summery!

& this is what they all look like! (I apologise for the messy painting... I was in a rush to get this all posted for you!)
I love Barry M products for the range of colour's you can get and the long lasting use! & obviously because they don't test on animals!
I am definitely going to be buying more to add to my collection!
What's your favourite Barry M nail paint? xxxxx

Foundation blues.

I don't know if it is just me, but i get really tired of wearing the same foundation, especially if it does not seem to be doing it's job. I've been looking at quite a few foundations, & none particularly caught me eye. My lovely friend recommended me this one that I am about to show you all as she uses it most days. I'm always keen to try out things that i seen or heard are good and so following this i popped to Superdrug & brought myself some... & here it is....

It is Loreal's 'Infallible make-up'. It states that it is 'Lasting Perfecting Foundation' and it 'fights the signs of make-up meltdown... 16H... All day radiance, Non-Transfer'
I picked this up for £12.99, and it is a 30ml bottle. I have never used any of the Loreal make-up products before, and i am yet to use it properly so i do not know what it is like myself still. It is very pricey for make-up, but i suppose if you want a good/decent foundation then you have to pay the price. I tried to do a swatch test for you but you couldn't really see anything on the photo as the shade i have had it in is a very good match to my own skin colour. There were lots of different shades to choose from, but the shade i had is 140 Golden Beige. When i tried a little bit of this foundation on my hand i fell in love with it instantly. It has an amazing smell to it, although i can't quite explain what the smell is like, it is just so so nice!
The information on the back of the bottle states 'Foundation with Co-Resistium technology & Hydra-Luminous Complex... Result: a luminous complexion, looks freshly applied all day long. Lasts up to 16 hours'
As i mentioned earlier i am yet to try this product as with it being so expensive i do not just want to use it as an every day foundation when i don't really need to be wearing it. 
I will blog as soon as i have tried & tested it, but for now i just wanted to let you all know about it :) 

Do you use any Loreal products? xxxx

Friday, 8 July 2011

Funky Sleeves!

Whilst i am on a roll with my blogging today, I just wanted to do a quick blog on something i brought from Primark last week.
Being a former English student at university, i have spent a lot of my time sitting on my laptop... and what happens to it at the end, i just shove it somewhere in my room! We all know how expensive these things are, but do we ever really value them & look after them?
Following a short trip in Primark i spotted this fab laptop sleeve, and it was just £2 in the sale, yes £2!! 

It is in a gorgeous leopard print, and you just pop your laptop inside & zip it back up!It keeps it clean and free of dust, and looks really pretty instead of just seeing a boring laptop lying around!
I'm not sure how long they will have these for as they were selling out quite quickly seen as they were in the sale.

How do you protect your laptop? xxxxx

Beautiful La Belle!

If you all read my blog earlier on in the week about La Belle Jewellery, then you will know what this blog is, if not then please read my blog as you will all love this jewellery.
So today i came home to find a package waiting on the floor for me, and i was filled with excitement. I couldn't open the parcel quick enough as i knew straight away what it was!

And there you have it, my beautiful La Belle Jewellery ring! How gorgeous is it?! Its so so lovely, the design of the ring and the detail is just lovely! I will cherish this ring always now, and i am so so grateful to of won this in one of the competition's. I think every girl should have a La Belle ring, because they are so individual and unique, and lets not forget those stunning Towie girl's are wearing them too! & I've just found out she is making for HollyOaks girls too, including my idol Gemma Merna (Carmel)!

You can contact La Belle Jewellery either by email or on twitter.... 

Which La Belle design will you go for?! xxxxx

Hair products of the month

This month i have had two new products for my hair that i am actually loving! I have tried both products so i can tell you my exact opinions on them both.
 To start off with i will start with this amazing product which i will now continue to use until whenever i cant... BED HEAD TIGI; Superstar. I had heard of the 'Bed Head' range before, but never actually seen it in shops, and i didn't know anything about them. 2 Weeks ago i had my hair done at my local salon, and as i usually do i was having a little rant to my hairdresser about what a bore my hair is from the fact that it never has any volume, it is always just flat and dull. Following this she put the product onto my hair (i did not know it was this at the time) and then continued as normal starting with a blow dry. I was totally amazed, my hair was full of volume, and looked as if i had spent 3 hours backcombing it! I asked what it was & she told me it was this 'Bed Head Superstar'. Anyway a couple of days after i washed my hair myself and with no surprise it was back to being boring and flat, so i decided to take another trip to the salon to buy this product. It costs me £10, and i have been told that it is only sold in most professional salons; which i am not sure of considering as i said earlier i have never seen it in shops before.
It states on the bottle 'Blowdry lotion for Thick Massive Hair' and it 'inflates hair to extreme volume'. It also states that it can be used on wet or dry hair, but i have only tried it on wet hair, but the results are just amazing. It comes in a purple bottle and looks really stylish. It is really easy to use, you just place a small amount of the lotion in your hands then massage through to the ends of your hair. I know £10 is a lot of money to spend on one product but if you have limp dull and flat hair like me you will not go wrong with this product.

Secondly i just wanted to tell you all about how much Batiste Dry Shampoo has changed! I've always been a fan of this product, and i'm sure i don't need to bore you with all the pro's and con's. They have changed the size of the bottles which are now bigger, and the design on the bottle is also really nice now rather than just plain and simple. I usually just use the original one, but this time i brought the 'a hint of colour light & blonde' type. I'm really glad i chose this one because it really takes away the greasy and dull look that people with blonde hair get. It retails at £3.99 from Boots, a £1 dearer than the normal ones but so worth it. It instantly refreshes the hair. 'It banishes oily roots and boosts body giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs... A hint of colour compliments light and blonde hair tones and helps blend in root re-growth of colour or bleached hair' ... This really does do exactly what it says on the tin! My hair looked like i had just had a full colour put on top, i was really happy. I'm pretty sure this product is available for brown hair too. 
This month i am really happy with the two hair products that i have found... 

Have you got any favourite hair products this month? xxxxx

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Question time!

Hello my lovely's! I've noticed i now have a few more followers, so hello there! Hehe :o) I've decided to do a sort of tag post so that you can all get to know me a little better! The idea is to comment on this blog with any question you may have for me, & i will do another blog containing all the answers... Please limit yourself to 2 questions, as i have no idea how many of you will actually want to do this.

I look forward to hearing and answering your questions!
What questions would you like to ask me? xxxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pink Blush


I have always been a fan of pink lipstick or lipgloss. Recently i decided to go on search for a new one, as i stoped being a fan of the cheap crappy one i had been using. I discovered Rimmel's lipstick and was just amazed. I not only found a perfect shade of pink, but i also found a lipstick that has some sort of smoothing mouisturiser in it, and the smell is just gorgeous!
The shade is 'Pink Blush' & it is number 006. It is a 'lasting finish lipstick' & retails at £4.99 from Superdrug. I have done a swatch test to show you the actual shade. The lipstick stays on for quite a long time, and does not wear off leaving patches, it is an even use-age. I would recommend this to anyone who loves their lipstick. It has such a lovely smell of like a coco-buttery hint. 
I apologise for the presentation of this blog entry, for some reason my text and pictures would just not go properly!
Will you be using Rimmel lipstick anytime soon? xxxxxx

Oh La Belle!

So recently i discovered La Belle Jewelery on Twitter & i was just amazed at the detail of the products that is made! La Belle is 'handmand & customised fabulous statement jewellery for all occasions' This lady makes rings and other jewellery for the girls of TOWIE (Only Way is Essex).
Above is a picture of just one of the amazing rings that are handmade, just look at all that detail! Absolutely stunning! I started to follow her on Twitter, and realised she does competition giveaways! I have never ever had any luck at all with competitions, but i decided to try my luck & give it ago! Once she had reached so many followers she decided to do a competiton where you had to tweet a reason why you wanted to win a ring! So here is my answer: 'i want a  ring because every time it shines it would remind me of what a star my Dad is who i recently lost <3' .... & before i knew it i had found out i had won! I was & i am SO happy!! It just shows that if you do try you are in with a chance of winning! I am currently awaiting my ring to be posted, & as soon as i receive it i will take lots of pictures and write a new blog!
If anyone is interested in ordering you can contact this lovely lady on Twitter on:
Will you be trying La Belle Jewelery? xxxxxx

The Vintage Cave!

Recently, one of my online friends decided to start making jewelery! Her & her boyfriend called it 'The Vintage Cave' (you can find them on twitter & facebook!) They make bracelets and necklaces which are all so fab! The bracelets range from elastic type ones, and metal charm ones! I decided to order a bracelet that has pink & blue merged together, that comes with 2 love heart charms, and a made with love charm. My bracelet cost me just £5! Such cheap prices for beautiful pieces of jewelery!
And here is the final product....
Its so so gorgeous, the colour's are just amazing! When the sun shines on it; it just looks so lush! It comes in a little pink pouch as you can see from the picture.

Thankyou to The Vintage Cave, I will defo be buying again! Will you be buying from The Vintage Cave? xxxx

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