Friday, 21 February 2014


This post is kind of like a wish-list post if you like. I recently discovered Want That Trend on Facebook. They seem to be a lovely team with pretty models, and very VERY affordable fashionable clothes!
So what is Want That Trend? It is an online boutique with a very trendy website showing the latest fashion pieces. As mentioned above, I found this website through their Facebook page which you can find here. They are also available to view at Twitter  which you can find here. I love logging onto my Facebook or Twitter as I can see what new products they have available which would direct me straight to their online store. They run brilliant competitions on a regular basis, and are always throwing discount codes out to us which makes buying even easier!

So this month what have I spotted that I really really want? Lets see, here are my top 6 wants…
(PHOTO's ALL SCREENSHOTTED FROM to show the actual products)
*Photo's go from left to right from 1-6*

                           1.                                                                                                     2.

3.                                                           4.

5.                                                         6.

This dress is so stunning, it is right on trend with its peter pan collar, and the floral pattern sets it off and gives it that fab look. I love this dress and for £19.95 you can't go wrong! Available to buy here in sizes 8-14.

This playsuit is to die for! I love the colour, the detail, everything about it! As soon as it reaches pay day this will hopefully be on its way to me (given that its still in stock). It is sooo pretty! Paired with some heels makes the perfect outfit for a night out! Available to buy here in sizes 8-14.

I think this product is absolutely stunning, and is a must for every wardrobe. This is a perfect yet simple and elegant outfit fit for many occasions. You could wear this to dinner with your friends at a restaurant, for a wedding dressed with a white blazer, take it on holiday with you for those summer nights… the list goes on. I WANT I WANT! Available to buy here in sizes 8-14.

I LOVE this jumper. I have seen so many of them flying around in different colours, but I love this one in black! Simple jumper with a trendy slogan on it… I probably do in fact have more issues than vogue, ha! Available to buy here in sizes S/M & M/L.

Im loving the whole tartan pattern at the minute. There is so much of this about at the minute in different colours and different 'check' but you can't beat the classic red colour. These swing dresses are lovely and so comfy… Im defo crushing on this! Available to buy here in sizes S/M & M/L.

This skirt is my favourite pick at the minute. I LOVE gingham, no matter what colour. It just reminds me of the 'pin-up' era, and I think it will always be in fashion in some sense. This skirt is perfect with a vest top or blouse for an office look, or would look lovely essentially on a night out with a statement necklace… or for your holiday!

So they're my top 6 WANTS from Want That Trend! Im hoping pay day comes around quick as I really want to make some purchases from this website. Such lovely clothes for great prices!

What styles are you crushing on at the minute? Have you got a list as long as your arm like me?

Don't forget you can find Want That Trend using the following links below.

With love, until next time...

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Todays Mini OOTD 20/02/14

So today I have been out for lunch to Frankie & Benny's with some of the work girls and so I thought id share with you my chosen ootd. Ive classed this one as a mini one as I haven't had time to take proper photos of each item that I am wearing, and so I have just used the camera from my iPhone to take some quick snaps for you; rather than just not have a post to put up for you!

If your anything like me, going out to anywhere and deciding what to wear is a nightmare. You don't want to look under-dressed but then you also don't want to be over-dressed, right? I think its hard to find a balance of being in-between! Now when I go out I choose to use jewellery to help spruce up my outfits, but I still choose simple plain coloured outfits to tone my look down- that is unless I am going somewhere where a bit more thought and effort is required!
So my chosen outfit for today was on the casual side but I added some sparkle and a statement necklace just to spruce things up a little. Here are so photos!

So, what am I wearing? Heres a list for you with links to the products (if they are still available to buy online)

1. Pink Key Hole Back Textured Boxy Top- NEW LOOK £12.99
2. Cream sequin cardigan- PRIMARK £10.00 (no online link available- sorry!)
3. 'Rusty Gold' Statement Necklace- PRIMARK £3.99 (no online link available- sorry!)
4. Indigo Ultra Soft Jean- MISS SELFRIDGE £36.99 
5. Tan Studded Boots- NEW LOOK £18.00 (sale price- no longer available to buy online, I purchased them from the Manchester Piccadilly Store.)
(All other jewellery from Marc Jacobs & Pandora.)

I adore this top, it is so nice and can be worn casually or with a statement necklace to dress it up. I purchased mine in a size 10 as I found it to be quite big, I could of probably got away with a size 8 but I like things to be a little baggy. This top has short sleeves, a round neck and has a textured finish which gives it more of a luxurious feel than just wearing a t-shirt. For £12.99 I think it is fab for value, and it is available in other colours; black, white, and baby blue! You can find this top in store or online using my links at New Look.

Unfortunately I don't have a clickable link for you guys to view or buy this product as obviously Primark have not yet set up an online website which lets you buy things from it, so alls I can do is show you a picture and let you know a bit about the product. I brought this cardigan about a year ago as it just caught my eye. It can be worn daily with a t-shirt just to give your outfit a little bit more edge, or it can be worn to a more fancier occasion seen as it has sparkly sequins to give you that party look! This cardigan is quite baggy but is only a size small, but I like that because I find it more comfy. I love this cardigan and for £10 you can't really go wrong!

I was attracted to buy this necklace as soon as I saw it in my local store just because of the pretty detail of it. It is not a bright gold colour; more of a rusty gold, but I just love the shape of it and how it looks like a row of thin leaves which have detail on them. This is perfect over any top for that little added extra, or with a dress to really spruce it up on a night out in a subtle but not 'blinged up' way.

I usually if not always buy my jeans from Miss Selfridge. This is because often I have shopped around and wasted money on jeans that have left me not satisfied with the quality for money. I really like these jeans for several reasons. The colour is not just a dark blue, it is an Indigo blue which makes them stand out a bit more, and when I am wearing them I don't just feel like 'urgh I'm wearing jeans again'. In these jeans I feel confident not only to wear them on a day to day basis, but also to go out at night in perhaps for tea or to the cinema, as they feel nice and smart when they are on. I think £36.99 is a little on the pricey side for me personally, but I am willing to pay it just for the quality that they give. Every time they have come from the washer they have never altered and the colour of them has never faded. I have had these jeans for over 6 months now and worn them several times a week and they still look in great condition.

5. TAN STUDDED BOOTS - NEW LOOK, £18.99 (sale price, normally £39.99)
These boots are my favourite at the minute. I have quite a few pairs of knee length boots but I love the tan colour of these, and the effect the gold studs give to the actual boot. I have searched online for the link for these boots and they are not showing up at all so I take it they have sold out online, but I purchased mine from the Manchester store so perhaps you may be lucky enough to find them still in yours? £18.99 in the sale and what a fab price to pay. They are really comfy to wear and just zip up making them easy to take on and off. I love wearing these boots with jeans or leggings.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my ootd choice! Check back soon for more posts! (sorry about the house phone on the photo below, last minute snap!)

What has been your chosen OOTD today? 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lets get tanned with Cocoa Brown 1hr tan Part 2!

So its time for the second part of my post on Cocoa Brown 1hr tan! I have woken up this morning sooooo lovely and brown, which obviously brings a smile to my face! If you didn't see the first part to my post on this fake tan you can read it here.

 I mentioned this briefly yesterday in the first part of my post, but the first thing that I love about this product is the pink packaging, it is just so girly and instantly makes me want to get into a pamper session! Everyone loves a bit of pink, right? The next thing that I mentioned was the amazing price of £7.99… You really can't go wrong can you?! Right lets move on to the best bit… discussing my thoughts from applying it right through to washing it off and revealing my Cocoa Brown tan at its best colour!

Please find below a few 'before' pictures… I apologise for the pasty images you are about to see!

As you can see here I was extremely pale and obviously in need of some sunshine which is quite hard with this uk weather at the minute, and so turning to fake tan was a must! So what were my first thoughts upon applying Marissa Carter's Cocoa Brown 1hr tan? 

As I mentioned in part one of this post I chose the mousse version which is a 1hour tan. You can wash this off either after 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 for a deeper colour… I chose to leave mine on over night due to being so pale but thats just my personal preference! The first thing you notice about this tan is the actually mousse… boy that stuff comes out fast! I was quite shocked upon trying to apply this tan as I didn't expect the mousse to be so full and fast! You really don't need to press on this bottle hard when trying to get tan out of it as it is literally like a can of squirty cream… it explodes full of mousse! This is a good thing I think though as it obviously means you are using less as it is so full! The tanning mousse is not thick, it is quite lightweight id say which is much better as when it is on I didn't feel sticky or heavy- Im not sure if you have ever felt like that after applying a fake tan but just sometimes after applying some its felt quite mucky- with this it was the complete opposite, I was really pleased!

The next thing I noticed is the smell. How many of you have had experiences with a fake tan where people just constantly moan that you "smell of fake tan", or they see that you now have a bit of colour on you and just assume that any smell nearby is your tan.. hands up, its happened to me! Well no more girls, this is a tan which I can honestly say gives off no oder, and certainly not a stinky fake tan smell! This Cocoa Brown tan claimed on the bottle to have "NO fake tan smell" and it certainly sticks to its word! Really impressed with this. Usually after applying fake tan I can smell it for the duration that it is left on and seen as I leave it on over night I can usually smell it when I'm in bed, but with this I was still able to have a great nights sleep! I also want to point out that it did not transfer on to my sheets which is a bonus!

This tan was so easy to put on because of how durable the mousse is, it literally just glided on with no problem, and NO PATCHES! Yay! So like Ive said above I chose to leave it on over night. Of course during the night I could see it progressing and turning into a nice colour. Here are some photo's of the tan developing over the evening after being applied. 

(Please excuse the mark on my onesie, I didn't spill anything its from Vicks which stained it!! It is clean don't worry! :))

So as you can see from above it was already turning into a lovely colour. For £7.99 I was really impressed as its just such good value for your money, and lets face it product prices are rising and things are becoming so much more expensive these days, I struggle to pay for top branded products at the best of the time, but knowing great products like this Cocoa Brown tan are in the high street at affordable prices like this makes me happy!

So I guess you'd like to see the colour once id woken up and showered it off? (Remember on this shower it is important to "NOT use shower gel or exfoliate during this shower" as it states on the bottle to avoid loosing any colour. Here are a few pictures for you!

(sorry about the bag in the background)

As you can see its left me with a lovely colour, and doesn't look like I've become an orangatang! I love it and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in having a lovely subtle tan.

So, what are your thoughts on this tan? Have you tried it? Would you be willing to try this out now seeing some results and hearing my opinion? 

Cocoa Brown tan is available to buy following my links or your own online search at their website online or in most high street shops such as Superdrug and Boots (others are available).
Go on, take the plunge… Life's much better with a tan!

You can find out more about Cocoa Brown following the links below:

I hope you liked this post! Keep reading for many more! See you soon…


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

NOTD 18/02/2014

So, if your a girly girl like me (well you don't even need to be a girly girl, but if you love nail paints as much as I do) you may find yourself like me today wondering what colour to paint your nails when you have so much to choose from!

I decided to choose two of my favourite nail paints; One from the Barry M collections and one from Max Factor! Here is my choice…

                            1)                                                                                              2)

The picture to the left (1) is from the Barry M collection and is called Fushia- Number 302. You can buy this online using the following links or in any local beauty store such as Boots or Superdrug, or from the Barry M official website, costing £2.99.

I chose this colour today as I fancied a pink coloured nail paint, but this is such a lovely bright pink and it just stands out so well! Barry M nail paints are always good quality and long lasting I've found, and so putting this on is so simple. I just popped two coats of this on and straight away it gave me beautiful nails!

As you can see this 302 Fushia shade   is such a lovely colour and is nice and shiny creating a fab look at an affordable price!

Next just to spruce them up I decided to use one more colour for effect, and I chose the product below(picture number 2) …

This is a small nail paint by Max Factor. I had this last christmas time as I felt gold was the colour for the season! This nail paint doesn't actually tell me what shade/colour it is, so I have looked on the Max Factor website & it took me to a Boots website to buy it which come up with the label Ivory 1 for the colour (thats the closet I could find)...
This is a mini pot of lasting effects nail paint and is so sparkly and shimmery I love it! You can buy it in store or online at Boots and Superdrug. These little pots of joy are also 3.99.. bargains!
I only used this gold sparkly colour on one finger nail of each hand to give it a different effect.. Heres my end result!….

What colour are your nails today?

Hope you've enjoyed this NOTD post! Feel free to leave me a comment & let me know what you think!

You can buy both of these products at the stores mentioned above, and many others too.

Lots of love...


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