Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Favourites in a Nutshell

Sooo its finally been christmas! I had a lovely time, i hope you all had a fabulous christmas! Heres a little post to show you a glimpse of my christmas, and just a few of my favourite presents that i recieved!

Christmas morning-
My doggy waiting by the Christmas Tree filled with presents :)

Christmas Fairy Cakes-
I baked these on Christmas Eve ready to nibble on on Christmas Day- yummy!
Beautiful Vintage Looking Book-Ends & Trinket Boxes-
These were a present from a lovely friend of mine.. They are gorgeous and go perfectly in my room!
Topshop Makeup-
WOW, Who doesnt love some Topshop goodies?!
Some lovely lipstick and blusher which were stocking fillers, and then
the duo on the left in the beautiful packaging are Lip balms, and were a present from my lovely Hayley over at At the Casbah ...
Topshop makeup from above-
Lipstick- TEASE
Dolce & Gabbana-
My favourite perfume! Ahhh smells so so lovely.
Remington Peal-
So long are the days of GHD's for me... they have ruined my hair & so i asked for some new straighteners for christmas, and these are what i got! I also got a curler too match :) 
More Topshop goodies!-
I adore these cute little bracelets and i cannot wait to wear them! They were both presents, the one on the right from my lovely friend Hayley as mentioned above at The Casbah
Presents for my doggy!-
These are just a few treats i picked up for my baby from Pets At Home
Table set for Christmas Dinner-
For the second year now seen as Dad is no longer here, it was up to me to cook Christmas dinner. I set the table ready for a yummy meal :)
Christmas wouldnt be christmas without some board games.. and this year i chose Monopoly! Such a fab game to get into the spirit with the family
Ipod & MacBook Pro-
We all need music over Christmas, so i have used them quite a lot!
ZARA Basics- Handbag-
I ADORE this handbag. I went on a trip to Manchester after boxing day, and i picked this up in ZARA ... £16.99! Such a lovely beige colour! So many pretty things at ZARA i want them all!
Dalmatian Faux Fur Coat-
This is my new love- i picked this up from a little shop in Manchester but i dont know what it was called and the bag & receipt has no name on it :(
No7 Makeup-
Whilst in Manchester i got myself kitted up with some new makeup.. The lovely girls at the No7 counter helped to match these up to my skin, and i love them! I will do a post on them for you soon!
Topshop Mug- £8
To finish the christmas period- a good cup of tea in my favourite mug was all i needed!

There we have it- my christmas in a glimpse... Im very thankful for all my presents...
Have a good new year everyone, hope you all have a fab time!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Hello lovely bloggers. Its been such a long time since i have been on here its unreal. I lost my connection with the blogging world from starting my new career, but i have had quite a few messages asking me where i am, if I'm coming back, when will i blog again... so here i am.
Thank you to my followers who have stayed with me and not clicked that dreadful 'unfollow' button... it means a lot that you stuck around :)
Ive been so busy lately, but I've just about got myself back on track again with things in my life- therefore i feel i can now commit to my hobby again rather than letting it take a back seat whilst i got all the boring things in life sorted out.
In terms of what I've been up to while I've been away.. well its been work work and more work, but i love my new job so much. Its such a pleasure to work with young children and help them, and theres so many smiles that come from seeing them succeed. Oh and I'm still very much blonde for those of you who are thinking 'i wonder what colour her hair is now'. 

                             Dress is from VERY as seen on tv, please ignore mums messy room!

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, i turned 24! I had lots of lovely presents... and i got myself a new car! I hated parting with mine for sentimental reasons but it was time to give it up and get a new one, so now i have a shiny new C1 and i love her! :)

So its that time... its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Who's excited?? I am! Although i do feel as i get older I'm starting to not care as much about presents... its more how i spend Christmas time, and who with. I put our Christmas tree up the other night, even though it will always be a tough thing for me to do from loosing my dad as that was his speciality and he loved Christmas, but i put it up for him as life does indeed carry on. 

Ive done most of my Christmas shopping and got the bits that i have brought wrapped up, but i feel theres still so much more to buy! I dont have any plans at all at the minute for Christmas festivities, but im not going to worry because usually those last minute plans turn out to be the best!

Anyway i hope you are all well, il be back tomorrow with a blog post... not too sure what my first post back will be on, but i have a few new bits and bobs i could do a haul on...

Until next time 

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