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HD Brows: my first treatment review!

I have never really been a girl who looked after her eyebrows *shameful*. I have always admired other peoples, and always wanted nice eyebrows but after going to different salons having them waxed I just grew to think 'they will always look the same'. As your all probably aware, HD Brows entered the scene and everyone has gone MAD for them! I had no idea what these were, where to get them done, or how much they would cost. For a while I brushed off the thought of having any, but then I saw lots of girls posting pictures on Instagram with them and I then developed HD Brow envy!. 
Luckily a few weeks ago I saw that a lovely girl called Abbie who I met through a friend at uni had qualified in this, and she started to put up before and after photos of the work she had been doing. This sold it to me, I needed those brows! I decided to contact her to find out more about them. Abbie told me that they were completely harmless, easy to do and almost always get the best results. I was told that I would need a patch test before having my eyebrows done just to make sure I was okay to have the tint on them, and that I wasn't allergic in any way. Abbie kindly sent me one of these out free of charge through the post. Here it is below:

So here was my patch test. It came in a cute little pouch which contained the patch test itself and an instruction booklet. This patch test is so so easy to use and takes only a few seconds to apply.

As you can see above, the patch test is just a little transfer that you peel off a sheet, place it on your skin (can be arm near the wrist or just below the elbow), wet it until it is all covered then hold for about 30 seconds until the paper just slides away from it - a bit like one of those transfer ticket tattoos you can get. Once the transfer is on it is important not to get it wet for 48hours. I originally thought that these change colour if you become sensitive or allergic to the dye, but it doesn't it is just to see if you get any irritation to the skin from it like itching or burning, or more importantly a rash. If any of these symptoms occur it tells you in the instruction booklet what to do, and then unfortunately the dye is not for you. I have such sensitive skin and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to get my brows done, but I was completely fine!
After the 48 hours was up and I had no reaction to the patch test I knew my next move was to book an appointment with Abbie asap. I booked in my appoinment and couldn't count down the days fast enough to getting my brows done. Abbie has recently started working at a lovely little hair and beauty salon called The Strand. This is based in Cheadle in Stoke on Trent.  You can find your local HD Brow Stylist by clicking here.
When I went to The Strand I was greeted by the hairdresser who told me to take a seat while I waited for Abbie to finish with her previous client. The salon is beautiful, and so modern and clean! I knew the price that I was going to be charged before hand; £20 as an introductory offer, bargain! I was so excited. 

Upon having my eyebrows done I learnt that there was basically 7 simple steps to creating the perfect HD Brow. They are as follows:

1. Consultation -  When I went in I entered a beautiful beauty room which was spotless clean and looked lovely and professional. Abbie  helped me to determine which brow shape would suit my face seen as there are lots of different shapes and sizes, and what colour I would like my brows to be; cool, warm etc. Then there is a few forms to fill in - just little basic details about any medical info they may need to know etc. My eyebrow make-up was taken off to ensure the skin around them was nice and clean to start the process.  
2. Tinting – Once I had chosen the colour of the tint that I wanted the dye was left on for a minute and was then swept off with cotton pads just to get off any excess. Your eyebrows also get stencilled to measure up for the sizing, and to help find that beautifully shape. 
3. Waxing – This bit is pretty straight forward. I have had my eyebrows waxed before and I find it less painful than tweezing so I was completely fine with this.  
4. Trimming – Next my eyebrows were combed through and trimmed to ensure they were both the same size etc.  
5. Threading – I have seen so many girls have their eyebrows threaded and it left them so red and they looked like they were in so so much pain! This is the part I was most scared of because I am a wimp anyway so the thought of being in pain around the eye area was the only off-putting thought for me. Threading is used above the brow and basically just gets rid of any unwanted 'fluff'.  
6. Tweezing – After all this it was time to get the tweezers out and I hate tweezers. As soon as plucking begins my eyes start to water but I just took deep breaths in and got on with it as I knew the result would be worth it in the end. My eyes did intact water which made my mascara run into my eyes... but I was fine and it was over with in seconds!  
7. Aftercare – Abbie then ran me through how to care for my fab new brows. I was asked several times about the shape, the colour of the tint and whether or not I was happy. She was really friendly with me and just wanted the best for me and my chosen eyebrow look. I stood up and she filled in any sparse areas with the HD brow kit. She also showed me how to make the most of my eyebrows with the makeup so that I knew how to do it in the following weeks until I re-book in again for maintenance. 

Here are some photos of the before, during and after looks of my eyebrows!





I am so thankful to Abbie and Im so glad I went through with it and had them done. She has been so friendly and works magic! If any of you live nearby you should definitely make an appointment to see her if your thinking of having your eyebrows done!
I absolutely love my eyebrows and I have had SO many people comment on them. I feel like they have really defined my face, and now even when I have zero makeup on I now feel comfortable to a certain level as I know my eyebrows are done :) I would really recommend HD Brows, they're so easy to achieve and if you don't get your wanted look after your first session, it can be achieved later on down the line with some patience.
I am booked in for 5 weeks prior to my appointment for some maintenance work as it is recommended every 4 weeks but due to christmas coming up meaning a hectic schedule at work I was allowed to stretch to 5 weeks. I can't wait to go back, I have had them done now for 2 weeks and they still look just as fab as they did in the first place!

You can find out more about HD Brows by visiting there website or using the link here.
You can also check out The Strand Hair & Beauty Salon by visiting them on Facebook here.
Abbie is available on Facebook & Instagram...  and she works her magic on lots of beauty work including fab nails! Just click the links to find out more!
Abbie Victoria Beauty & Nails - FACEBOOK
Abbie Victoria Beauty & Nails - Instagram 

Are you a HD Brow lover? Have you had them done?


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