Thursday, 24 April 2014

A little snippet of today!

 So this post is a little different, it is a little snippet of pictures and a few words to sum up my day.
After doing some work this morning I decided to have a wander into town. Heres some photos of my OOTD…

Kimono- PRIMARK - £13.00
Statement Necklace- PRIMARK - £3.00
White Vest Top- PRIMARK - £1.50
Indigo Ultra Soft Jean- MISS SELFRIDGE - £36.00
Glittery Jelly Shoes- PRIMARK - £4.00

I chose this outfit as it is just a nice, comfy and casual outfit to go out in the day in.
Once I popped into town I didn't have long as I had to be somewhere else so I darted to two shops that I knew wouldn't fail me. Heres what I got…

Gingham Skinny Jeans- PRIMARK - £13.00 each
Light Pink Mini Structured Tote Bag- River Island - £30.00

When I reached PRIMARK I casually walked through having a little nose… Then all of a sudden these beautiful items caught my eye! For so long I had been wanting some checkered skinny jeans, & I had seen some at Topshop a while ago but I always put them down due to the price tag! Basically the ones I had wanted for some long were the Gingham check & were £38 a pair (they come in different colours) and I just couldn't justify spending £76 on two pairs of jeans! Anyhow when I glanced my eyes over onto the Denim matt in PRIMARK I came across pretty much the exact same jeans but for a cheaper price! At £13 a pair I would of been silly to of said no!
Then I headed to the beautiful River Island and here my amazing purchase!

This bag is to die for! For one it is a baby pink; my favourite colour, two it is a nice small size but it still has 3 spacey compartments and three I just love it! £30.00 is such a small price to pay for such beauty, I  can't wait to use it!

After I headed on to my other jobs I then returned hair and decided to colour my hair and do my nails! 

Fashion nails- PRIMARK - £1.00

I adore these nails they are so funky! I have blogged about the PRIMARK fashion nails in more detail which you can find here and here.

So thats my day, in a snippet!
I hope you've all had a great day, sorry its short!

Have you brought any Primark bargains recently?


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Rotary Love.

*Requested post.

So whats that one thing that every girl needs in her jewellery box? A watch! Be it plain and simple, or sparkly and amazing; we all need a watch for everyday living and nightlife!
As you will know there are lots of different watches on sale at the minute; Michael KorsRadley, Marc Jacobs and many more top quality brands. One that has recently caught my eye as I've wandered past jewellers is Rotary. Their watches just seem so simple and elegant!
The problem with watches these days is the cost. Gone are the days where you can pick up a decent watch that will last for a cheap price. Now we are hit with the massive price tags. If you are a young person starting out in life like me then you may struggle to whack out £300 for a pretty rose gold watch that sparkles on your arm. 
(Quotes taken from and linked back to Rotary's website.)
These watches aren't all explicitly affordable, as some are quite expensive- but they do range in price from £99-£200+ giving you that opportunity to buy. I think £99 for a beautiful, stylish and elegant watch is a great price to pay as although it is quite an amount of money, you get what you pay for and obviously a great watch like the ones sold comes with a warranty…Something we are all glad to have!

So which watch am I choosing to talk about? Here it is…

I adore this watch for so many reasons! I love the colour; a nice simple stainless steel! Don't get me wrong I do like gold watches and rose gold watches for that matter, but you can't go wrong with a classic silver watch as it will go with absolutely anything that you wear. Whats even better about a little silver watch is that it can be worn casually or on a night out and it will glam up your outfit with its sophisticated features. 
More about the watch.
This watch is obviously a ladies watch and it has the roman numerals on its face for the hours of the day. I like this because it is a classical element of a watch. The colour of this chosen one is a silver bracelet with a pink mother of pearl dial. This watch comes in more colours too which is fab that they give you the choice, but this one is my favourite. The case material is made from stainless steel, and the strap is metal with a silver colour. What I also really like about this watch is the fact that it tells you the date! Im always looking for the date at last minute, and rather than looking for the calendar or pulling your phone out of your bag- its right there on your wrist! It has a push button clasp, and takes a quartz battery. 
(All specifications taken from a Rotary stockist- Watches2U

This watch is not only stylish and contemporary, at £99 it is an affordable luxury- and we all deserve a treat!
Due to Rotary being stocked by many different retailers, Watches2U currently have this beautiful watch in stock, and whats even better is that it is currently on sale for £59.99 with them- even more affordable! The watch comes in its classical Rotary box with its guarantee.

What would I choose to pair this watch with in terms of an outfit? Heres a suggested look that I'm loving from Miss Guided

(Photos of jumpsuit and bag taken from Miss Guided, and watch photo from Rotary)

Judita Faux Leather Gold Detail Satchel Bag In Grey- Miss Guided- £19.99

Kelsey Chiffon Strappy Jumpsuit In Baby Blue- Miss Guided- £24.99

The stunning Rotary watch would look amazing with this outfit and I'm loving this style! A lovely classy watch like this is a must have for any outfit!
This watch was my personal choice to pick as an affordable watch and it has those girly features at the same time, but Rotary do have lots of different watches on sale; all in different colours/designs and prices.

There are lots of different retailers that stock Rotary watches such as Ernest JonesH SamuelsThe Watch Shop and more. If you can't find a stockist near you then they are available online at

You can also find and follow Rotary on some social networks here:

What qualities do you like in a watch; fashionable & stylish, or classical and contemporary?


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Latest haul- Cheshire Oaks and Primark!

So recently I was super excited as I went on my first ever trip to Cheshire Oaks! Im not sure if any of you have been but its AMAZING! They have all the top brands there… and I just fell in love with everything! Anyhow when I came back to realisation that I am in fact not rich, I was sensible and only brought a few treats! Ive also brought a few things from Primark too.. heres my haul from both!

So what did I get from Cheshire Oaks?

1. Ralph Lauren Crew Neck Jumper- £24.99 (Sale & outlet price, RRP £39.99)
I have always wanted one of these cable jumpers, and as soon as I saw it on sale I just had to get it. The pink colour is such a perfect shade!
2. Ralph Lauren Striped Shirt- £29.99 (Sale & outlet price, RRP £39.99)
I loved this shirt from the moment I saw it. Pair it with black skinny jeans, a white vest top and some sunglasses and your ready to go! I couldn't make my mind up as to which colour I wanted as it came in blue/white, lilac/white and pink/white.. but I went for a nice natural colour. 

3. Radley purse! - £38.00 (Sale & outlet price, RRP £68.00)
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know how much I love dogs, especially my little dog Kimmy. The same goes for Radley- I love it, its so cute! Soon as I saw this purse it was to be mine! I love how this purse is only a medium size, but there is still enough room for all of my cards to fit in it!

What did I get from Primark?

1. False Nails- Primark- £1.00 each
I posted about some of these nails the other day which you can read here. I love these nails and they come in all different designs and colours, I just had to get some more!

2. Beige shoes! - Primark - £8.00
I was in desperate need for a new pair of flat shoes, for some reason they tend to wear out so quick! Anyway I fancied some lighter coloured ones ready for summer and thought that these were perfect with the gold detailing!

3. Belts- Primark- £2.00 (for both!)
For some reason I am always loosing my belts! These are perfect for different outfits, and such a bargain at £2.00 for both!

Have you been shopping recently? Have you spotted any bargains?


Saturday, 19 April 2014

What I wore and a new found love.

So the other day I visited a little town in Nantwich with my mum for a little walk around and for some afternoon tea. I've never been to Nantwich before so I didn't know what to expect, and as always when your going anywhere I didn't know what to wear! The weather was sunny but with a really cold wind, so I decided on summery colours and patterns but with a warm over sized jacket. Heres some photos of my OOTD:

(please excuse the ruffled jeans.. not a good look I will admit!)

So onto what I wore!
Pink Oversized Wool JacketSelect Clothing - £40.00
Skinny Jeans - Primark - £11.00
Cream Key Hole Black Textured Boxy Top - New Look - £12.99
Jewelled Statement Necklace - Primark - £3.00
Polka Dot Satchel bag - Primark - £6.00
Navy Sailor Striped Wedges - USC (Huntington) - £20.00

My favourite pick from this outfit is obviously the coat, mainly because its pink! I adore the colour that this coat is, its like a baby pink but not too light! I was worried at first that with it being wool it may make me itch as I have sensitive skin, but its been completely fine! From Select for £40.00 this coat was an absolute STEAL! I had it brought for me as a present for Christmas (just gone) and its truly one of the best coats I've ever had! Im not sure if this is still available to buy as I've looked online and can't find it, but perhaps try your local store? These coats are hot on the trend at the minute, and at £40.00 you can't go wrong, its so cosy and warm; and the best part about it is that it isn't heavy which I initially expected it to be with it being woollen and oversized! 

If I'm wearing something of a light shade I tend to keep my top a light colour too, hence the white/cream choice. I've posted about these tops before in a little OOTD featuring a different coloured one; if you didn't see it you can read it here. This top is also a fab steal at £12.99 from New Look. Im loving New Look at the minute as they have currently got all the latest trends for affordable prices. This top can be dressed up or down so your defo getting your moneys worth. I paired it with the Primark jewelled statement necklace just to give it that extra effect, and popped on some of their blue skinny jeans for that casual look!


My shoe choice was quite a strange one that day as I decided I wanted the same colour as my bag, but I wanted to clash the patterns, so as I was using the beautiful navy blue & white polka dotted satchel bag from Primark I went for some navy blue and white stripped shoes.. as you do!

The little satchel bag is so cute and is totally on trend for summer. £6.00; another Primark bargain! It is only really small which means you can't fit too much inside it, but if your like me and you tend to hoard any old crap in your handbag then its perfect because it stops it!
The wedge shoes I had from USC a few years back and are Huntington.. I haven't seen many around since but I'm guessing as its nearing the holiday season these type of wedges will be back out!
Heres a few more photos of my OOTD.

I ended up having a lovely little day in Nantwich! I hope you like my OOTD.. Lots more to come so be  sure to keep checking back!

What styles are you loving at the minute?


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mad about nails!

So, if your like me your probably a little obsessed with your nails! I always love painting my nails with various colours and patterns, but I get so fed up of them chipping due to work and other things; even those 'no chip' nail polish's STILL chip! 
I've never been one for 'fake nails' due to the fact they always fall off, and I'm defo not one to go and spend hours in a nail salon because I aren't fortunate to have that sort of free time on my hands or those pricey costs.. but recently upon my visit to my local Primark I noticed they had started stocking some different nails.
They range in price from £1.00 through to £3.00 (I think!)

Here are a few pictures of the ones I have tried and LOVED so far…

French Manicure nails- PRIMARK- £1.00

Loved these funky French nails! So cool & are great for a night out!- PRIMARK- £1.00

These nails above are the ones I am currently wearing …. They are so pretty and cute, perfect for the girly nail look! PRIMARK- £1.00

Now I'm not saying these nails are miracle nails and will last for agesss.. You get what you pay for basically but for lovely nails on a cheap budget I would defo recommend these. Primark do lots of different styles in store, but for the price you can't go wrong; especially if you loving changing the look of your nails so much like me!
Each time I have put a set of these nails on they have lasted me roughly about a week; I'm not going to lie one or two may have fallen off during the week, but I carry the little tube of glue around with me ready for any accidents, and if you loose one they come with plenty of spares!

 I have yet to try these pretty pink 3D diamonte nails… but they are gorgeous & I can't wait to wear them!

Have you seen any bargain's around lately? How do you like to do your nails? These are perfect, quick & simple nails.. and nice nails make me smile!

 Will you be heading to your local PRIMARK to try some of these lovely nails?


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