Sunday, 20 April 2014

Latest haul- Cheshire Oaks and Primark!

So recently I was super excited as I went on my first ever trip to Cheshire Oaks! Im not sure if any of you have been but its AMAZING! They have all the top brands there… and I just fell in love with everything! Anyhow when I came back to realisation that I am in fact not rich, I was sensible and only brought a few treats! Ive also brought a few things from Primark too.. heres my haul from both!

So what did I get from Cheshire Oaks?

1. Ralph Lauren Crew Neck Jumper- £24.99 (Sale & outlet price, RRP £39.99)
I have always wanted one of these cable jumpers, and as soon as I saw it on sale I just had to get it. The pink colour is such a perfect shade!
2. Ralph Lauren Striped Shirt- £29.99 (Sale & outlet price, RRP £39.99)
I loved this shirt from the moment I saw it. Pair it with black skinny jeans, a white vest top and some sunglasses and your ready to go! I couldn't make my mind up as to which colour I wanted as it came in blue/white, lilac/white and pink/white.. but I went for a nice natural colour. 

3. Radley purse! - £38.00 (Sale & outlet price, RRP £68.00)
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know how much I love dogs, especially my little dog Kimmy. The same goes for Radley- I love it, its so cute! Soon as I saw this purse it was to be mine! I love how this purse is only a medium size, but there is still enough room for all of my cards to fit in it!

What did I get from Primark?

1. False Nails- Primark- £1.00 each
I posted about some of these nails the other day which you can read here. I love these nails and they come in all different designs and colours, I just had to get some more!

2. Beige shoes! - Primark - £8.00
I was in desperate need for a new pair of flat shoes, for some reason they tend to wear out so quick! Anyway I fancied some lighter coloured ones ready for summer and thought that these were perfect with the gold detailing!

3. Belts- Primark- £2.00 (for both!)
For some reason I am always loosing my belts! These are perfect for different outfits, and such a bargain at £2.00 for both!

Have you been shopping recently? Have you spotted any bargains?


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