Friday, 17 February 2012

February beauty haul x

This is just a tiny little haul for you guys.. I'm not including my clothes purchases into this as i can do them in one big ootd!
I ran out of a few essentials so i obviously had to go out and buy some more... here goes,

So basically here are the few things I've recently brought...
Left to Right:

1)I love... Strawberries & Milkshake exfoliating shower smoothie
2)Simple hydrating light moisturiser
3)Miss Cole shampoo
4)Miss Cole conditioner
5)Palmers Cocoa Butter
6)Miss Sporty pump up lash mascara- 001 Black
7)Miss Sporty liquid concealer- 002 Medium

All products apart from the mascara and concealer were brought from Superdrug, and can be found in store and online here.
Mascara and Concealer from Boots.

  • First of we have the I love exfoliating shower smoothie. Ive not used this product yet, and i have never actually used it. If you saw one of my older posts (you can find it here  if not) on a product similar to this you will know i usually use 'The Pink Cow Strawberry Sundae'. I did actually intend on buying this from boots but they were out of stock so i had to get this one from Superdrug for £2.05, which is intact dearer than the one i usually use.. so I'm hoping it is just as good! Im not going to say much on this product as i will probably review it once i use it and do a comparison with my original favourite. It is a 200ml bottle, and it smells really nice! The packaging is quite cute too with the little love hearts on the front!

  • I usually use Simple products for my face as i find that they don't do much for the rest of my skin. The light moisturiser is perfect for my face as it isn't too thick and heavy. This is a 125ml bottle, which costs £3.25. I get this one as it helps to hydrate your skin which obviously is a vital thing in a skin care regime.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner... where do you start?! Ive tried so many makes and brands that I'm sure I've actually tried them all! From making your hair dry to colour fading.. so much to think about when picking these! I usually use the L'oreal highlighting one for blonde hair.. but i was in Superdrug and saw these and thought id give them a go! Im not too sure on the brand as Miss Cole is obviously new, and I've not heard much about them. The shampoo is 99p! and the conditioner is £1.99. I have used these once and I'm 50/50 at the minute in terms of what i think of them, the bottles are both 300ml which is a lot for how cheap they cost, and they do smell really nice. I love the packaging cause its so pretty and girly and anyone who knows me knows how much i love pink so its quite a bonus for me! The ones i chose are for coloured hair, but there is also a shampoo and conditioner available for normal hair which comes in white bottles. As i mentioned I've used these once, my hair wasn't dull or anything and it did smell lovely and looked clean... so I'm going to continue using them and see how i get on... you can't complain for the price really even if they are just used in between running out of your normal ones!

  • Palmers.. heaven on earth as a moisturiser! I love this so much, its a regular on my skin regime. This bottle is a 250ml bottle, and as soon as you open the lid you smell the gorgeous cocoa butter! At £3.75 i do think the price is a little steep but defo worth it because it just smells so nice and makes your skin so soft! I can't use this on my face as it is a little too greasy for my skin, but this would be the moisturiser i reccomend for anyone, its even really good for after tanning!

  • Mascara, a girls best friend! Just like shampoo and conditioner I've tried so many and i tend to use different ones all the time. I just wanted a cheap one to add on as a last coat, and so i went and brought this Miss Sporty one. This is in the colour Black (001) and costs £3.99 for 7ml. The brush is quite a thick chunky one which i prefer as i think it covers more eyelashes. I was very happy too when i found this in Boots as at the time it was on offer. I can't remember whether it was if you brought anything for £3.99 or just if you brought the mascara, but you got a free liquid concealer which is worth £2.99 and has such good coverage!

So there we have it, my most recent beauty haul! :)


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