Friday, 31 August 2012

Jumped on board the Kindle bandwagon!

So my lovely's my Friday night has consisted of a trip to Tesco! I originally went for the normal bread & milk run.. & ended up coming out with a Kindle!!

I've wanted a kindle for a while but never actually went the whole way & splashed out for one, but tonight I thought what the hell I'm going to do it!

I've had a grey one, it was £89.. I was going to have the new Kindle Touch but I thought I'd stick with this one for now. My first book that I've brought on it is.... You guessed it, Fifty Shades. Freed! I've got all 3 books at home & I'm half way through the last one, but I decided to buy it anyway and finish reading it on the Kindle!

From what I've seen so far they are so clever! I love it already! I also love how lightweight they are! It fits perfectly on my handbag, so no more carrying around heavy books! At first I was against getting one as I like the idea of sitting down with a good book- the old fashioned way... But in terms of reality they are so much easier & no more flicking pages or taking up room with books that have been read building up!

I've been onto eBay and got myself a lovely little purple cover for it for )3.99- bargain!

How do you like to read; the old fashioned way or have you too the leap into the modern era? Xxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Newbies at The Secret Closet!!

New Items Added- 'Inside The Secret Closet'- EBAY!!

From cupcakes to makeup!

So this is just a tiny post to share with you all my new idea for makeup storage! I get so bored of make up bags and they leave hardly any room in drawers... Plus If your anything like me i hardly use half of my makeup, so this is perfect for me to put my essentials in & they're now right in reach without faffing about. I've seen lots of people using what I'm about to show as either jewellery holders or makeup storage.

I was browsing on Homebase the other day, and come across this gorgeous fruitcake stand.. I then looked at the price & it was £7.49- half price in the sale! It defo was a must have! It has 3 tiers and is cream wired with a love heart pattern as the wires bend round. I think I'm going to spray paint mine white to match the rest of my bits and bobs in my room... But it's such a cute vintage looking piece!

Here's a few pictures so you can see how I'm going to use mine :)

(sorry for the crap picture above.. this is me searching Homebase on my iPhone, & for some reason my photo editor wouldn't let me crop it, perhaps its because its from the Homebase site :) )

How do you store your makeup?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Gone to the dark side!!

Okay my lovely's so my last post was to inform you that I was changing my hair colour, this post is to let you know I've been brave and I've done it! I've gone back to the dark side!!

I used 'Natural Dark Auburn, 112- Nice & Easy' ... My hair has turned out a little darker than expected but I think that's because I left it on too long to make sure it went brown from being so blonde!

I do really like it, it's a big change! I feel it gives me a little more colouring in my face!
Here's a few pictures below...

^^ Before & after!
 let me know what you think? :) xxx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Changes in my life...

Hello my fellow bloggers, it's been a while, a long while. I apologise for my absence, I've just not been myself recently and felt really out of it so my blog took the fall for it but I'm feeling better in myself now so I'm going to think of some new blog posts for you all.

This little post is just to let you all know about a change that's going to be happening... I'm going to change my hair! I've been blonde for so many years of my life, I went brown then black then back to blonde, but I've just had enough of my hair looking yellow, and having to keep on dying it because of having dark roots... It's such a nightmare; especially trying to get it all the same colour without it going golden/gingerish. So from being fed up with it I have decided to go a nice auburn colour! I think I'm going to do this monday.. You've obviously seen pictures of me with my blonde hair, but il do a before and after post once it's done, but the colour I've chosen is below! I'm quite excited but mega scared too! I just feel like I need a big change ready for my new job in just over a week, and seen as I think summer has officially gone, I love the thought of having darker hair for the winter :)

Hope your all well! Bye bye till the next time :) xxxx

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