Saturday, 25 August 2012

Changes in my life...

Hello my fellow bloggers, it's been a while, a long while. I apologise for my absence, I've just not been myself recently and felt really out of it so my blog took the fall for it but I'm feeling better in myself now so I'm going to think of some new blog posts for you all.

This little post is just to let you all know about a change that's going to be happening... I'm going to change my hair! I've been blonde for so many years of my life, I went brown then black then back to blonde, but I've just had enough of my hair looking yellow, and having to keep on dying it because of having dark roots... It's such a nightmare; especially trying to get it all the same colour without it going golden/gingerish. So from being fed up with it I have decided to go a nice auburn colour! I think I'm going to do this monday.. You've obviously seen pictures of me with my blonde hair, but il do a before and after post once it's done, but the colour I've chosen is below! I'm quite excited but mega scared too! I just feel like I need a big change ready for my new job in just over a week, and seen as I think summer has officially gone, I love the thought of having darker hair for the winter :)

Hope your all well! Bye bye till the next time :) xxxx

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