Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dipped Hem Heaven!

Gone are the days of the boring plain and simple style of the skirt... Hello dipped hem! I have a new found love for these skirts & i cannot stop buying them. This goes the same for the dresses that are now out in this style... sooo cute! Heres a few that i recently purhcased...

1. PRIMARK, £8.00
Yes this little number is just £8.00 from good old Primark! I love this skirt because its so casual but you can really dress it up if you were going to the pub by just adding a pair of heels. Its quite floaty and cool. I love the black waistband detail which just gives it that little adding touch. Its just above the knee length at the front, and comes half way down the back of your legs. This looks lovely with or without tights/leggings.. matched with a paid of ankle boots.


 2. RIVER ISLAND, £25.00
When i saw this skirt i completely fell in love. The pictures don't do it justice at all... the aztec pattern is just so nice, and the colours are so summery! It comes with a tan coloured belt with gold detail at the front. Its quite short at the front which is fab for summer or for on holiday with a nice bikini, but its also subtle enough to wear for a more formal purpose as it becomes really long at the back almost reaching your ankles. I think this skirt is my favourite so far!

 3. RIVER ISLAND, £5.00!
No-one can resist a bargin huh? This was just £5.00... yes FIVE POUNDS! Its not so much an dipped hem skirt, as its the same length at the front and back, but it does go shorter on the sides creating almost a triangle effect. Its a lovely chiffon material, and comes with a brown belt... for £5.00 i couldn't say no! The pattern is quite vintage looking... team this with a brown bullet and jobs a good en!


How dipped is your wardrobe?

Newbies @ The Secret Closet!


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Go to a safe place and say whats on your mind...

Okay so here at The Secret Closet i have acquired a new writing area for myself! Today i have been to the wonderful Ikea... oh how i love this place. Its full of amazing things that i just want to buy and have in my own house when i move out! Seen as i am starting my new job as a Teachers Assistant in a few weeks, i thought perhaps using my MacBook on my dressing table amongst my mirror and brushes probably wasn't the best idea when coming to planning activities etc. So hence this thought i got myself down to Ikea and picked up a cute 'Carrie Bradshaw' looking laptop desk. I couldn't wait to get it home and do a little DIY to assemble it! Half an hour later I'm done and trying to work out where to put it as my room isn't as simple as just four walls. I decided to pop it under my window next to my bed... this could be a bad idea as instead of sleeping i may find myself under temptation and on here more!

Heres a sneaky picture... 

Since taking this picture and uploading it i have moved it round a little but only by moving the plant pot & books to the left and the MacBook to the right. I feel inspired already now i have my own little corner :)
I know its only a small laptop table, but its big enough to get a notebook etc on with it, and it was such a bargin at £35.99! They also do this desk in black, or you can have black with a white draw (the draw just slides out from under the top surface), or if you choose a white desk you can have a white, beech or green draw! I will probably get myself a new little swivel chair to go with it next time I'm at Ikea as my dressing table stool doesn't really help when sitting for hours on it!

I also just want to mention quickly that i have started to put a few items of clothing on my eBay account... theres only two items on at the minute as two have sold, but i shall be adding a few more soon... heres the link to my ebay page

Where do you write your blog posts?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Zebra Tips!

Because i've not blogged in so long, i thought id be nice & do two posts in one day!

Last night i was sat watching some tele and decided to paint my nails as I'm off work this week on a paid holiday... I've stopped painting my nails whilst I'm working as theres just no point because as soon as i do them and go in they get chipped and ruined! I was undecided on what colour to do them, and i thought to myself what can i do thats different... and this is what i came up with!

Okay so i know they aren't that good... BUT i did rush them and I'm not that good of a nail painter as my hands shake a lot... but i just love them! I just used Barry M nail paint, white for the tips and black for the pattern. Instead of drawing perfect black lines i did them a bit messy to make a better effect.

This is just one example of what you can do to your nails instead of painting them just one bold colour... i may try leopard print next, who knows!

How do you paint your nails?

We live on the edge of life...

Okay, so its been a month since i last posted on my blog and i can only apologise. Ive been so out of it just recently and been working my butt off literally 6 days a week, so I've just had no time at all... bad Natalie i know! To update you all from my last post about having some exciting news... I HAVE A NEW JOB, wahoooo! As of September i shall be 'Miss Salt'... the teaching assistant! I am thrilled to bits to finally be on the first step of my career ladder! This also means i will obviously have weekends to myself therefore more blogging time :) Anyway enough of the chit chat... i thought id do this haul post for you all... These are a few things that i have brought recently on shopping trips, enjoy!

This is my favourite recent buy! A Peter Pan collared Playsuit! I recently went on a weekend break away to Burnley, & found this in Internationale for just £15.00 in the sale! I fell in love with it straight away, the collar has little pearl gems stuck on it, and it comes with a silver belt. The shorts are navy blue which look lovely in contrast with the white top. I wore this on a night out whilst over there... and paired it with some white heeled shoes.

My next recent buy is also Peter Pan collared... i think I'm a little obsessed with this at the minute...

These little beauties are from Primark, £6.00 each! I love love the details on these... the gold points at the end of the collar give it that finishing touch! They come in all different colours; white, black, peach, burgundy, purple... etc. The look fab dressed with skinny jeans for a casual look, and throw on a pair of black heels for an evening to the pub?

Next stop, Dorothy Perkins... Gold Sequin pocketed vest top! Now this really was a bargin! Originally £22.00 reduced to £7.00!

The top is a satan/silky material... and it is longer at the back than the front. The sequins make this little top... I would probably pair it with a pair of black skinny's and heels... but its also nice for any christmas outings paired with a skirt and a gold clutch bag!

Now these next two buys are for an upcoming wedding that I'm going to next month. Its obviously a day & night event, and i wanted two different looks; one for the ceremony that is subtle, and one for the party at the evening thats a bit more glamourous. I haven't totally decided whether these are going to be my set in stone choice for outfits yet, but i love them just as much...

1) This first dress is a possibility for the ceremony of the wedding. This was an absolute bargin at just £5.00! This was from a little shop in our town called Glance... I have mentioned this shop before in previous posts. I think it is avaiable in white black and navy too. It is a chiffon material, and i think paired with some gold heels and maybe a gold fascinator in my hair it could just do the job.

2) This second dress is totally me, and what I'm thinking of wearing to the reception party of the wedding. It is a copy of the dress that is currently a best seller in Topshop, except this one has the back cut out which i think makes it more fab! This little beauty cost £21.99 from Pilot. It is avaiable in white or coral, but i preferred the white as with a nice tan i think it'll look lovely! I will pair this with gold heels i think.

(Please ignore my hair on the above photo... this is me without my extensions!)

So, they are my most recent buys! At the minute I'm at that stage where I'm seeing so many nice clothes and i just want them all! But I'm planning to go on holiday at the end of August so i need to save my money now for this! It just shows you don't have to pay a lot of money though to buy suitable clothes for events.... Have a look around before you buy the first thing you see... you could drop on some bargins!

Have you been shopping recently? Whats caught your eye?

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