Monday, 16 July 2012

Zebra Tips!

Because i've not blogged in so long, i thought id be nice & do two posts in one day!

Last night i was sat watching some tele and decided to paint my nails as I'm off work this week on a paid holiday... I've stopped painting my nails whilst I'm working as theres just no point because as soon as i do them and go in they get chipped and ruined! I was undecided on what colour to do them, and i thought to myself what can i do thats different... and this is what i came up with!

Okay so i know they aren't that good... BUT i did rush them and I'm not that good of a nail painter as my hands shake a lot... but i just love them! I just used Barry M nail paint, white for the tips and black for the pattern. Instead of drawing perfect black lines i did them a bit messy to make a better effect.

This is just one example of what you can do to your nails instead of painting them just one bold colour... i may try leopard print next, who knows!

How do you paint your nails?


  1. They actually look really good, think I'm going to try this out! Love your blog! Is there any chance you could check mine out? it was only created yesterday so I'm still working on it thank you! xx

  2. Thanks so much chicken! & Thanks for following! Ive attempted this on my toes too its really cute... will get better with practice! Of course il have a look at yours ... happy blogging xx


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