Saturday, 31 May 2014

OOTD- High-street heaven gives us affordable fashion.

Just recently I am loving the high street shops! Primark especially is catching my eye at the minute- at one point I was trying to avoid shopping in there as I wanted to save my money to be able to buy some high-end fashion… but Ive been pulled back by the goddesses of the high street!

Heres a recent OOTD that I featured up on my Instagram that I think is an affordable outfit with thanks to our very own high street!

I especially love the sparkly diamonte's on this top, it makes a simple top stand out straight away.

The blue in the paisley scarf really brings out the rest of the detail giving it that extra little spark.

TAN BOOTS- NEW LOOK- £18.00 (sale price)
* All jewellery worn is PANDORA *

I love this outfit because its casual but it is made a little more formal due to the diamonte detail on the top, and by the gorgeous pink patterns in the scarf. What I also like about this outfit is that it has a country feel to it.
I think my favourite item here is the scarf by far… Its so strange how a patterned scarf can completely change the look of an outfit.
Primark have so many lovely things in at the minute, and with them offering things like the above and for example the jeggings at £7.00 its so easy to put a full outfit together without breaking the bank!

Have you found any bargains from the high street recently?

Friday, 30 May 2014

My Custom iPhone case from Mr Nutcase!

So if your like me your probably obsessed with buying phone cases. I have tons of phone cases from old phones that obviously don't fit once I change my phone. I currently have an iPhone 5C in pink. I have found it so hard to try and find cases for this type of phone that actually fit properly. I have ordered several from eBay which have come, been really nice but just don't fit properly.. and then in the little cheap bargain shops I have found ones that say 'iPhone 5/5s/5c'.. and me being me I buy them and they don't fit either! 
Anyway I was lucky enough to be contacted buy a fab phone company called Mr Nutcase!. They specialse in not only different collections of cases but also personalised phone cases… why had I never thought of this type of case before?
I headed over to straight away as I was so excited to see what they could offer me! The site has lovely bright colours and is so easy to use; making a phone case has never been so easy! You have two options to choose from, 'Collections' or 'Create your own'. I chose 'create your own' as I was interested in how they would put my chosen photos to use. Here are a few step by photos of the process as you select your phone model etc.

 This is the Mr Nutcase homepage… nice & bright! Here you can choose which type of case you would like!

Choosing the correct case for your phone is so easy and simple with them click down lists! 

 I chose to get the 'Ultra Light Weight Slimline' case just because I like my cases to feel quite light… I don't like those big chunky heavy ones! This type of case costs £14.95. You then get directed to choose which design for the layout of your photos you would like. There are so many to choose from! After this step you then go on to upload the photos that you would like to be on your case and choose your background colour, pay for it, sit back and relax as then Mr Nutcase does all the work for you!

Moving on, I chose the design which allowed me to have 16 photos. I think this is amazing, 16 photos… thats so many! Its really impressive how they can fit that many photos on a phone case, and I think for the price of an 'Ultra Light Weight Slimline' phone case that is such a bargain! Whats even more amazing is that they offer Free delivery; it just gets better and better! Enough of my talking… Here are some photos of my amazing custom iPhone case!

So there it is, my custom iPhone case … with 16 perfectly clear photos! I absolutely love it and I shall defo be using Mr Nutcase again in the future. I was quite worried about choosing the layout with 16 photos as I though the small photos may be blurred, but the photos are in such good quality and the case is so light and so so smooth; I would easily recommend Mr Nutcase if your thinking about getting a new phone! I like how the photos have a border around them too as it makes them stand out more. You can choose a different background colour which makes the border- but I fancied a nice fresh white!
Delivery is super quick and impressive and like I mentioned above is FREE!
If you would like to get yourself a personalised phone case like mine, you can get 10% off your order by using my code below when you checkout:


Just pop that little code in once you check out & as well as free delivery you will get 10% off your bill :)

You can find out more about Mr Nutcase by using the following links:

Will you be getting yourself a custom iPhone case?


Saturday, 24 May 2014

So Sleek

Just a short little post for you all tonight… Im having a night in as the weather is pants and has been raining allll day, so I thought Id share with you a recent purchase I made a few weeks ago with Sleek!

Sleek POUT POLISH (shade Monte Carlo) - SUPERDRUG- £4.99 

I spotted Sleek Makeup a while back and Ive always been interested in trying it. Their different palettes have amazing colours and just stand out from the others that I have seen. I have yet to use these products, but as soon as I do I shall be back with a post for you and some swatches! They do lots of different products including the above and more with things like pretty blushers and eyeliners etc. I chose the Oh So Special Palette purely because of the neutral colours and their shimmery shades.

Do you own any Sleek Makeup? Which are your favourites?

You can find out more about Sleek Makeup by clicking the following links:

or by visiting

I cannot wait to try this products!


Friday, 23 May 2014

Oh my Style Heist!

So if you saw my previous post, you will know I have been eagerly awaiting a little something from Style Heist- if you haven't you can find this post here.
Basically the lovely's from Style Heist ran a competition, and I entered- its as simple as that! I never win anything; NEVER, but I was lucky this time around!

I have been so excited to see my winning prize, which is a beautiful dress!
Heres a few pictures *be warned, pictures contain very beautiful dress!*

So here we have it, the beautiful 'Jessica Dress'.
You can view this dress online by clicking here or alternatively you can go straight to the Style Heist website!

I am so so in love with this dress, the colour is absolutely beautiful and I just cannot wait to style it! Heres a few more pictures for you to indulge in.

 This gorgeous 'Jessica Dress' is available for just £21.95, such a bargain!
As mentioned above my favourite thing about this dress is the colour; the blues and whites just mix so well. I also love that it has a pure white peter pan collar, and white cuffed 3/4 sleeves… it just adds to the effect making the dress even more special!
The dress is a "Sam Faiers Inspired Dress', "sits above the knee' and is "95% Polyester 5% Elastane" (product description taken from Style Heist online)
I am usually a size 10 but like most of us I worry about my lumps and bombs showing, and so I was worried about what size to choose when I won this dress. I chose a size 12 so that it wouldn't be skin tight, and as I've tried it on it feels perfect. Its not too tight but not baggy and it is just so comfortable!

I cannot wait to go out and wear this dress so that I can style it! Please keep checking back for future posts featuring this dress and how I wear it.

Style Heist often run competitions, so be sure to check them out. They have some fabulous pieces online too- You can find out more about them by clicking any of the following links:
or by going to

I am so thankful to Style Heist for my win, its made me one very happy girl and who knows; next time it could be you!


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Competition win!

Hi lovely's...
Just a short post to say sorry I haven't posted- I've had a bit of bloggers block, but I've woken up today to such a lovely surprise. 
I am such a lover of Instagram & Twitter, and if you are too you will know how sometimes company's run competitions where you have to regram a photo & tag them... Well yesterday I noticed Style Heist had launched a new competition, so I though why not let's do this! 

Anyway I have woken up this morning to find it have won the beautiful dress that was up for grabs! I'm SO excited!! I cannot wait to receive it, and this will be an obvious post that I can share with you all! 

So keep a look out for my upcoming competition win post! I am so thankful to Style Heist
You can find out more about Style Heist at their website link here.
Or by following them on:

Happy Sunday, lots of love xxx

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