Sunday, 6 January 2013

Weekend Haul; Topshop, Boots, Dunelm Mill, The Range & more!

This weekend i have gone a little spend crazy! I think its because i know i start back work tomorrow so my spending will be limited as i never get time to spend in the week... that sounds a good enough reason to me though to justify my spendings this weekend :) So here goes! On Saturday i found myself buying....

TONI&GUY Deep Barrel Waver, £34.99- BOOTS

I have recently been watching the lovely Lizabelly's vlog channel (which you can find here) I noticed that she did a tutorial using this product (you can find this here) and i just had to take the plunge and buy this because it just looked so good! I went straight to my local Boots to find this product, and it was sitting there waiting for me on the shelf. At £34.99 i couldn't resist! 

Lock off, Barrel open
Lock on, Barrel closed
It is black with a yellow/mustard/gold colour onto making it stand out, has a 3m cord & has a variable temperature gauge. It is supposed to give you 'Ultra Deep Glamourous Waves'... I'm really hoping i can start to use this and get my hair wavy as i think its such a nice look for day or night! This product is also available online at Boots, and you can find it straight away here. You can buy this product directly from the TONI&GUY online shop here for £35, but it is a different colour to the one i have brought, and also Argos sell this product in-store & online here but this one is the greyish colour like the one available at the TONI&GUY online shop - I think mine is a yellow/gold colour as it is a Glamour edition. I have been asked by my friend Sarah who blogs at The Road To Being A Yummy Mummy to do a review on this product, which i am hoping to get done next week or the week after :)

Next on i went to Topshop! I found myself going straight to their makeup counter and looking at the lipsticks! I had to pick this one up, the colour is just so beautiful!

Macaroon Lipstick, £8- TOPSHOP

'Macaroon' Velvet Finish Lipstick- What more can you say apart from "I'm buying it" :) It is such a lovely coral peachy colour, and like the Matte Finish Moisturising lipstick that i mentioned in a previous post from Topshop in 'Tease' (which you can find here) it just glides straight on. This cost £8 like the others that are available. You can buy this in-store or online here. To buy this specific shade online you can find it here

Swatch of Macaroon Lipstick

Also from Topshop i managed to get myself some rather beautiful shoes in the sale...

Maggie Patent Bow T-Bar Shoes, £7- Topshop

These were £7 from £24 and i just love them! They have two little bows that touch your foot when fastened, and also have a few gold studs to make them stand out. I love the white toe cap at the front which contrasts with the black, it makes them look like tap dancing shoes- so cute! These are available at Topshop online here but most sizes have now sold out. 

I then had to go into Poundland to get some bits and bobs for my mum, which is when i saw these beauties! I brought 2 aluminium skins for my iPhone 4s, and a phone case: all of which were £1 each! 

Aluminium Skins, £1 each- POUNDLAND

Floral phone case, £1- POUNDLAND

When i saw these aluminium skins i was a little undecided at first as i thought "what if it looks silly" "what if it marks my phone" "will it even stay put on my phone" ... I brought them anyway regardless of this. I brought one in Pink and one in Purple. They also have Black & Silver available, and they are for the iphone4/4s. As soon as i came home i tried out the pink skin & it is fantastic... It makes me feel like ive had a brand new phone! You basically just pull the sticker off the back of the skin, align it upto your phone and press down and hey presto, its on! 

 I also love the folding floral phone case that i brought. It obviously protects your phones back and front when it it closed... and it is kind of Cath Kidston looking! Such great buys for £1 each!

Today i got a little bit bored and decided to head out again with mum, and yes you got it we went shopping again! This time though for the house :) We decided to go to The Range because we had'nt been in a while. When i came across this first purchase i almost jumped for joy...

Marylin Monroe Wall Art Canvas (3 piece), £8.99- THE RANGE

Anyone who knows me knows that i adore this woman, and when i saw these pictures i had to have them! My friend had these a long time ago but they sold out quite fast and i couldnt find them anywhere, then today when i went in they had a few back in stock! £8.99 is such a bargin for 3 lovely pictures! I have looked online to see if this is available but at the minute it is not showing up on their website.  

Gingham Check Pots, £1.79- THE RANGE

I then saw these pots and had to have them as my mum gave me the idea of getting a few red accessories for my room to bring out the red lisptick on the canvas wall art that i was buying, i thought fab i will! Then i saw these and had to have them, they are hard pots and they have a cute ginham style bow on them with dangling polka dotted love hearts. I brought two as i am slightly ocd and have to have things matching. I am going to use one to store my makeup brushes because as you can see in the background of the picture my current one is too small... and maybe put hair brushes in the other one. Theres no way i wasnt buying these for £1,79! I have looked to see if these are available online but once again i cannot see them on the website. 

We then went to Dunelm Mill, another place that i adore. I came across these fab table lamps...

Rosalie Felt Flower Table Lamp, £7.99- DUNELM MILL

These lamps are adorable and just what i needed. They have such a pretty flower in the middle of the red shade and a silver base to set it off. They currently have 20% off as they are usually £9.99. You can find this product available in-store or online here. When the lights are switched on the flower stands out even more as the shade becomes lighter- really pretty :)
I then got myself two little red pillows for my bed:

Abis Cushion, £3.19- Dunelm Mill

This product currently also has 20% off as they should be £3.99. The red is such a lovely colour, and the actual cushion cover has a sheen which adds to the effect :) You can find these pretty cushions online here and they're available in different colours.

So thats my haul of this weekends treats!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend


  1. Those shoes are awesome! I love your Marilyn Monroe art too :)

    Please check out my blog if you have a chance, I’ve given it a bit of a revamp, I was clearly very bored over the Christmas hols!! Haha



  2. Love your wallpaper! I have a similar three barrel iron from Revlon and use it all summmer for beachy like waves :)
    <3, Mel

  3. Those shoes are so pretty, I'm jealous :) xxx

  4. your shoes were such a bargain and so cute too.x

    1. thankyou! following you.. would love a follow back x

  5. Such a nice style you have!

    Do you want more followers?? Let’s follow each other !


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