Saturday, 5 January 2013

Glitter makes the heart glow...

I have done a review on this Barry M product before, which you can find here. I just wanted to do this quick post though as this nail paint was my favourite again this christmas just gone. The colour is just so so lovely, and the sparkle that you get from it is awesome!
When i wear this nail paint i get so many lovely comments, "whats that nail paint?!" "whos done your nails" ... Its so lovely to know you can achieve this from a high street product... i think its fab! The red is such a nice colour, and the glitter just adds on to how pretty it really is.

Nails when painted with the above mentioned paint.

Barry M products are avaiable at most Superdrug & Boots stores or from their online stores which are linked, or of course from the Barry M website it-self :)

Im currently out shopping as this post is shared, ah the joys of a scheduled post :) Hopefully im buying lots of lovely things to review for you!

What was your favourite nail paint this christmas just gone?


  1. I have this too and love it - it was perfect for Christmas!

  2. Such a gorgeous color! Wish we had that brand here in the U.S.
    <3, Mel

  3. I brought this last year for festive glitter nail's, it's so lovely! I love Barry M nail polishes

    Sjmwell x


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