Thursday, 3 January 2013

New year, New diary!

2013 Diary's-
Left- Household Discount Store, £1
Right- Present from a friend at Christmas

I LOVE the start of a new year because that means one thing... Time for a new diary!!
I'm quite an obsessed freak when it comes to diary's, I try and make sure I use the same pen all the way through, I use different coloured highlighters for bills, dates, etc. I love a good diary & there are so many around. Last year I think I ha 3 diary's, one main pretty one, a personal one & a work one! I love just being able to see what I'm doing, what I've done etc- and yes I love making lists- but that's another matter!
These two diary's are my personal and work diary's. I tend to keep them smallish so that they fit perfectly in my handbag. My main one is more than likely to be big as I keep that at home & transfer things into it daily.... Too organised but I love it! Here is my main diary...

2013 diary, £2.80 (i think!!) - Tesco
I love this one because its lovely and floral, and Cath Kidston looking! Its a nice lightweight week to week one too, which means if i did need to carry it around it wouldn't weigh my handbag down.
Last year I got fed up of my diary looking tatty half way through the year & went out and brought a new one just so that I could re-transfer everything into it- sad I know!

Do you have your 2013 diary yet?


  1. love both! happy 2013 beautiful!!Could you please consider following each other? I hope you like my blog,
    I 've been blogging everyday!

    1. aaaw thank you! happy new year to you too! & of course! I'l head over to yours now, thanks for taking the time to comment :) x

  2. I got mine from Tesco. In fact I need to write in it tonight

    1. Ive brought my big one from tesco tonight :) Its a floral one, will put a pic with this post tomorrow!


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