Thursday, 24 April 2014

A little snippet of today!

 So this post is a little different, it is a little snippet of pictures and a few words to sum up my day.
After doing some work this morning I decided to have a wander into town. Heres some photos of my OOTD…

Kimono- PRIMARK - £13.00
Statement Necklace- PRIMARK - £3.00
White Vest Top- PRIMARK - £1.50
Indigo Ultra Soft Jean- MISS SELFRIDGE - £36.00
Glittery Jelly Shoes- PRIMARK - £4.00

I chose this outfit as it is just a nice, comfy and casual outfit to go out in the day in.
Once I popped into town I didn't have long as I had to be somewhere else so I darted to two shops that I knew wouldn't fail me. Heres what I got…

Gingham Skinny Jeans- PRIMARK - £13.00 each
Light Pink Mini Structured Tote Bag- River Island - £30.00

When I reached PRIMARK I casually walked through having a little nose… Then all of a sudden these beautiful items caught my eye! For so long I had been wanting some checkered skinny jeans, & I had seen some at Topshop a while ago but I always put them down due to the price tag! Basically the ones I had wanted for some long were the Gingham check & were £38 a pair (they come in different colours) and I just couldn't justify spending £76 on two pairs of jeans! Anyhow when I glanced my eyes over onto the Denim matt in PRIMARK I came across pretty much the exact same jeans but for a cheaper price! At £13 a pair I would of been silly to of said no!
Then I headed to the beautiful River Island and here my amazing purchase!

This bag is to die for! For one it is a baby pink; my favourite colour, two it is a nice small size but it still has 3 spacey compartments and three I just love it! £30.00 is such a small price to pay for such beauty, I  can't wait to use it!

After I headed on to my other jobs I then returned hair and decided to colour my hair and do my nails! 

Fashion nails- PRIMARK - £1.00

I adore these nails they are so funky! I have blogged about the PRIMARK fashion nails in more detail which you can find here and here.

So thats my day, in a snippet!
I hope you've all had a great day, sorry its short!

Have you brought any Primark bargains recently?


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