Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The only way is Lauren's Way x

As promised a while ago, I said i would do another blog commenting on Lauren's Way tan! I went out this weekend for the first time in a while and of course needed to tan, so what perfect timing to use my new tan! I was honestly so amazed when using this product. It glides over the skin so easily, and as i have said before there is no horrible smell to it! Now usually when i have used St Tropez before, i have needed to apply lots to get an even coverage... So with this bad habit in mind i used quite a lot of Lauren's Way tan, and it was so not needed! You get so much colour from such a small amount of tan! It also, like most tans- develops over 4 hours, except Lauren's way also gives an instant effect and i was brown from the moment i applied it! It dry's really quite so it is good for if you are in a hurry!

Once i was out i had so many compliments on the tan, it really does make you look like you have been abroad for 2/3 weeks! The next day i decided to have a bath after having a lot of drinks spilt on me whilst i was out the night before, and usually i hate doing this when i have just put my tan on as it always comes off patchy! Lauren's way does not do this! It all comes off so even, and I am still really tanned now even after bathing! I am really really impressed with this product and i will be buying lots more in the future. I recommend everyone to buy this tan, it is honestly the best out there!
Will you be trying out Lauren's Way tan? xxxxx

Miami Pop!

I recently discovered that No.17 had released a new range of products called 'Miami Pop'... But there was only 4 products available as it is all limited edition. There was also an offer on where when you buy 2 items you get a free gift... Foolish not to i went ahead and brought some! The product consists of a bronzer, a lipgloss, and two different shades of nail varnish. I brought the bronzer which retails at £4.99, the lipgloss which is in a pinky colour for £3.99, and one of the nail varnishes in an orange colour which retails at £2.99. The packaging is so pretty and summery, and contains pink and blue flamingo birds. As i mentioned before it is all limited edition stock and is not in shops for much longer, i brought mine from Boots, and it is selling out quite fast!

 I have used all of the products and i must say they are brilliant and i will be buying some more before it goes off the shop floor! The bronzer is two-toned with like a goldy/browny colour, and it leaves such a nice shimmer on your cheekbones.

The nail varnish comes in two shades, a pink and an orange, i decided to get the orange to match the packaging of the Miami Pop range! The shade is called Down Town. It dries so quick and it is just so easy to apply. I am quite impressed with this nail varnish as most chip quite easily, and i have had this on now for 5 days and i do not have one chip or crack at all, and i have been to work with it on and it is still perfect!

I brought the lipgloss because i am always wearing either pink lipstick or lipgloss. It looks quite pink inside the tube, but when it is on its more of a natural colour, giving you a sun kissed look.

Now as i mentioned above about the free gift, it is really quite cute!

When you buy two of the products you get a nail bag free! Inside all the products are wrapped in pink tissue paper, and it contains two nail varnish's, a small nail file, and some nail art stickers.
The nail varnish's are red and pink, in the shades of Knockout Red and Pink Grapefruit. I have not yet used these two nail varnish's, but they also state that they dry within 60 seconds, so i can imagine that they are just as good as the Down Town orange one that i have used. The nail file is cute and small, and is ideal to put into your handbag which a lovely design. The nail art stickers are love hearts... I probably wont use these but for free you cant really complain! I have now used the bag that it all comes in to store my nail files and nail scissors!
  Over all i am really happy with these products... What do you think; will you be trying out the new limited edition Miami Pop range before it is not available? xxxx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Busy times!

Hello lovely's! Just wanted to write a little blog to say that i may not be blogging that much this week as i am so busy! I have work tomorrow and Wednesday, Thursday i shall be in Manchester, Friday i am having my hair done then working a night shift, and then Saturday i shall be at work for 9 hours... So fear not bloggers i am not far away & have not forgotten to blog... I shall blog when i find the time, and possibly will blog tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon!. Have a lovely week if i do not get chance to blog, what are you plans for this week? :) xxxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blogger's Recognition!

I have recently been nominated for a bloggers award by Sarah on blogspot which I was really chuffed about!. I am still new to blogging and still trying to figure things out, so to be thought about for more recognition is really nice :)
   On Sarah's page she states "It's basically an award for Bloggers with under 300 followers and you nominate blogs you love and think deserve more recognition. You link back to the blogger who nominated you and then nominate 3 other bloggers."  So here are my 3 nominated bloggers :)
   Firstly one of the blogs I love is Olivia's from www.iclelivzi.blogspot.com I've been following her on blogspot for a while now, and we regularly chat as well on Twitter. She is such a lovely & beautiful girl with a great blog. She also does blog sales which i love & i have recently brought two fabulous things from her. Be sure to check her blog out!
   The next blog you should check out is www.sarahseesall.blogspot.com This is Sarah's (who nominated me) blog, and she in fact got me inspired to start to write some blogs. Iv loved reading the blog posts that she has written, and she is like iv said inspirational for writing blogs.. Such a lovely read.
   And last but not least my other friend Sarah's blog www.thelifeandtimesofalicegrace.blogspot.com she has just created a new blog, and she has started off with a fab story! ... Keep your eyes open for this one :)

Pretty Polish

Seen as i haven't blogged for a while due to being ill, i thought i would share with you one of my most recent purchases from Elf :o)
  I've always been one to have my nails painted with a colour paint (i.e pink/purple etc). I have always liked the french manicured look, but from past experiences i have never found any sets that look natural as most sets seem to have colour's that are to dark to look like a natural nail colour.
   As i was browsing on Elf's website i came across this little french manicure set. It was only £4 which i think is a great price considering it consists of 3 nail polish's. The packaging is really pretty!
 As you can see from the photo on the left once on it looks beautiful! I did not need to use the nail tip stencil's that it comes with as i have long nails so i can use my own as a guideline. The polish's dry really quick, and they do not leave a sticky/matted effect. The nail polish's also have quite long brushes which makes it easier to apply.
  I would definitely recommend this set to any once, even a bigger as it is just so easy to use and really good value for money!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Patch test on Lauren's Way tan

So girls, I now have Lauren's Way tan in my life! I have not forgotten to blog about this product... i just haven't had chance to use it yet. This is just a quick blog to let you seen the result of the patch test that i did last night just to see what the colour looks like.

(This was when i first put it on)                                (This is after waking up today)

As you can see from the photo's, i think its a bit more than a 'patch test' as its just a massive rectangle of tan! I only used a tiny bit of the mousse but it is actually amazing how much area it can cover compared to St Tropez where i find i had to use quite a lot in one go just to get an even coverage. There is no smell at all to this tan, which i love as the smell is the worst part of tanning for me, especially when your in bed at night and all you can smell is tan!
You can see the colour instantly when you put it on, and it is just so smooth. Today i have woken up to find the result of the right photo. It is such a lovely bronzed colour; not orange at all! I'm quite excited to use it properly now all over to see how it looks :) Once i get chance i will take photos of the finished look using Lauren's Way tan! Any questions please feel free to comment on the blog!

We ran 5k for Race for Life!

So bloggers as you all know, I was raising money for Cancer UK's Race for Life which i successfully completed this Tuesday just gone. I managed to do it in 50 minutes with a final sprint towards the finish line! The atmosphere was just amazing. We did a Zumba workout as a warm up and then all the girls headed off to complete the 5k track! There was so many girls there all dressed in pink. To see so many people running for people who either have or had Cancer is just so over whelming. So far i have managed to raise £200. It's not too late to sponsor, if you would like to do so you will find my story on: www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/nataliesalt22

I will certainly be doing this event again next year!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nail paint x

When it comes to nails i always have to have mine painted, i cannot stand to see plain nails unless they are nicely french manicured. There as so many different makes of nail varnish around, it is hard to say which really is the best. Personally my favourite are those from the Barry M range.

Black-311 (Effects)
Pink-314 (Effects)
Chocolate Brown-129
Bright Red-262
Bright Purple-303
Bright Pink-279
Matt White-66

The picture above shows just a few of the colour's that i own out of this range, but as you can see they are bright and catch the eye. They are easy to apply as the actual brush is quite long, and i find that it does not chip as quick as an average nail varnish does. I would recommend a lighter colour to be previously painted as a base for your chosen Barry M colour as they can stain your nails.

My favourite has to be the bright pink coloured one as it is just so girly and makes your nails look so pretty. Also as you can see i have placed two of the nail effects on the picture, the black one is really good and looks nice with any colour that you mix it with, however i do not like the other colour's when it comes to the effect as it can look a bit shabby. The normal nail varnish's retail at £2.99 each, and the nail effects are £3.99 each; both from Superdrug. At the minute there is an offer on the normal nail varnish where you can buy two for £4.99 (does not include the nail effects varnish.. offer also available online; LTO)

Tan-go time!

As we know, most of us girls love our skin to have that sun kissed look. Some use sunbed's (which are a no no for me!) and other's prefer to use good old fake tan. Usually I would use St Tropez, which retails at £30. 64 from Boots for a 240ml bottle. You can get a 120ml bottle of St Tropez for £20.43 from Boots but the bottle is really small and so i just buy the big one as it saves money.I use a mitt to apply the tan as it helps the mousse to spread evenly on the skin (Also from boots around about £3). Obviously St. Tropez is expensive for a fake tan, and to be honest i don't think it is worth the money at all. It does have quite a strong smell to it, and often it goes on patchy no matter how much you exfoliate and moisturise.
  Since 'Towie' came on to our tv screens, there has been a lot of hype about Lauren Goodger's new tan called Lauren's Way. After reading a lot of reviews that perceived this product to be 'amazing' i decided to put away the St Tropez and buy some.There are two different formulas, the mousse and the lotion. I purchased the mousse as i do think it is easier to apply, and it retails at £17.95, and shipping is £4.50.. totaling to £22.45. The bottle is a 150ml which is bigger and cheaper than the smaller bottle of St Tropez.

I ordered my Lauren's Way tan on the 30/05/2011 and it arrived on the 04/06/2011 which i think is really quick as it has been a bank holiday. It comes packed inside a cardboard box, and inside it has lots of foam pieces protecting the tan. There is also a card from Lauren herself which thanks you for buying the tan. I have not used the tan yet as i haven't been well, but as soon as i am better i shall be using it, and i shall write a new blog with pictures explaining what its like and whether i think it is good or not and worth the money. If anyone is interested in buying this tan for yourself you can purchase it from http://www.laurengoodgerofficial.co.uk/

I look forward to using this product and sharing my views on it with you all!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

10 Guilty Pleasures...

So seen as i'm a newbie, i decided to do some research into the kinds of things that people blog about, and it seems there are just so many topics... it has endless possibility's! So i have decided to write a blog on my top 10 Guilty Pleasures ...
  1. I think my worst guilty pleasure is spending money that i don't have! Everybody does this, but i'm sure i do it best! I have bills to pay like many people do, car insurance, phone bills etc... and i still manage to spend money that i shouldn't on things that i like, i cant help it! :)
  2. CHICKEN! I seriously eat way too much chicken. My friends all think that i'm still a child because all i seem to eat is kids meals. Chicken and chips, chicken nuggets and chips... I eat chicken all the time but even though i know i should broaden my food channels, i love it!
  3. Smoking! This is a horrid thing and i hate that i smoke, but i enjoy it at the same time. I know i should not smoke and considering everything my Dad has been through i know i need to quit, and i will sometime soon.. but at the moment smoking seems to help me get through things just that little bit easier.
  4. Crisps, oh crisps! I cannot stop eating crisps! I could quite easily; and have done in the past, eat three packets a day! I really don't know what it is about crisps, why are they so appealing?!
  5. Another guilty pleasure of mine is the colour Pink... Anything that i see that is Pink you can 99% of the time guess that i will buy it, no matter what it is! I just think Pink is such a pretty colour for a girl!
  6. Okay, all us girls have this as a guilty pleasure... a boy band.... and mine is if you don't know me, wait for it..... JLS <3 Omg who does not love JLS! Ive been to see the boys in concert in Nottingham and i was so so happy they are just amazing. They are one of the nicest bands that i know treat their fans with respect and talk to you... JLS ftw! <3
  7. Shoes are another of my guilty pleasure! A girl cannot have enough shoes can they? I have about 50 pairs which to me is not that bad as i know some girls do own a lot more, but there is just so many to choose from, it becomes quite an addiction once you start to buy a few in a row.
  8. Sleeping: I LOVE to sleep, who doesn't?! It does make me feel guilty though as sometimes i can sleep to much, and then i feel like i've wasted a day!
  9. Buying myself Pandora charms! I've only recently had my Pandora bracelet but there are just so many beautiful charms out there i just want them all and i cant help to treat myself to one every now and again, even though they are expensive!
  10. My last guilty pleasure has got to be my car! When i passed my driving test at the age of 17, i was so happy! I was even happier when i got my own car, and as much as i love it, i do think that it is best to leave the car at home some days and walk to get some exercise and ease down the pollution levels!

Your ideas Count!

Just a little tiny blog to let you all know, if any of you have any ideas and you would like me to write a blog about them, be it beauty, room tips, educational things, etc... Just let me know & i shall write one! I'm enjoying blogging at the moment as it is keeping my writing focused seen as i have just completed my English degree...
So yeah, any suggestions for blogs are welcome :) ... Hope your all well x

Room Makeover

Following the death of my dad, I decided to re-decorate my bedroom. I was in a state of depression at this stage, and decided to decorate my room with dark colour's which obviously emphasised on my state of mind at that current time. I chose to have a feature wall of Black and Grey patterned wallpaper, and i painted my walls a very dark Plum colour. At the time it made my room look quite elegant, and decorating let me take my mind off things that had happened. Below is a picture of what it looked like...

This picture is not the best one but its the only one i could take where you can see the Purple next to the Black wallpaper as i had new furniture and i also had my dado rail taken down. The wallpaper and paint were both from Wilkinson's. The wallpaper is called Arthouse Opera Da Vinci Damask textured wallpaper, obviously in Black (Style: 405107) and retailed at £8.97 a roll. The paint was by Dulux, and it was Matt Emulsion in Ruby Starlet colour. It retailed at £16.67 for a 2.5ltr tin.

   After 6 months i decided that my room was just too dark. No light was passing through the room and it just reminded me of the sad time that i had been through, and so i decided to re-decorate once again to try and lift my feelings. I wanted my room to be brighter to give it a summery effect. I decided to have patterned wallpaper on my feature wall again, but this time went with a Silver wallpaper with a Pink pattern, and i painted the rest of my walls White. Below is a picture of what it looks like at present...

The picture only really shows one are of my room as i have quite a large room with large walls so its hard for me to get a proper picture, but as you can see the walls are now White against the wallpaper. It has made my room so light now and it feels so much better, a calmer atmosphere. The wallpaper was from Wilkinson's again, and is called Super Fresco Elizabeth Wallpaper Flock Effect Vinyl, in Pink/Silver (Style: 17154) and retails at £14.97 a roll. The White Matt paint was also from Wilkinson's, I cant remember what make it was but i know it was on offer for £7 at the time.
    I am quite happy with my room now that it is all finished, i only have my television to sort out now as i'm putting it up on the wall ... When it is all finished (as i keep moving the furniture around) i will take some better pictures. I would recommend Wilkinson's for wallpaper and paint as they are really reliable, they always have plenty of stock in case you run out, and the prices are quite genuine for what your buying. Just remember if you are buying patterned wallpaper, make sure you check the batch number so that you know your patterns will be the same on matching pieces!

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