Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Room Makeover

Following the death of my dad, I decided to re-decorate my bedroom. I was in a state of depression at this stage, and decided to decorate my room with dark colour's which obviously emphasised on my state of mind at that current time. I chose to have a feature wall of Black and Grey patterned wallpaper, and i painted my walls a very dark Plum colour. At the time it made my room look quite elegant, and decorating let me take my mind off things that had happened. Below is a picture of what it looked like...

This picture is not the best one but its the only one i could take where you can see the Purple next to the Black wallpaper as i had new furniture and i also had my dado rail taken down. The wallpaper and paint were both from Wilkinson's. The wallpaper is called Arthouse Opera Da Vinci Damask textured wallpaper, obviously in Black (Style: 405107) and retailed at £8.97 a roll. The paint was by Dulux, and it was Matt Emulsion in Ruby Starlet colour. It retailed at £16.67 for a 2.5ltr tin.

   After 6 months i decided that my room was just too dark. No light was passing through the room and it just reminded me of the sad time that i had been through, and so i decided to re-decorate once again to try and lift my feelings. I wanted my room to be brighter to give it a summery effect. I decided to have patterned wallpaper on my feature wall again, but this time went with a Silver wallpaper with a Pink pattern, and i painted the rest of my walls White. Below is a picture of what it looks like at present...

The picture only really shows one are of my room as i have quite a large room with large walls so its hard for me to get a proper picture, but as you can see the walls are now White against the wallpaper. It has made my room so light now and it feels so much better, a calmer atmosphere. The wallpaper was from Wilkinson's again, and is called Super Fresco Elizabeth Wallpaper Flock Effect Vinyl, in Pink/Silver (Style: 17154) and retails at £14.97 a roll. The White Matt paint was also from Wilkinson's, I cant remember what make it was but i know it was on offer for £7 at the time.
    I am quite happy with my room now that it is all finished, i only have my television to sort out now as i'm putting it up on the wall ... When it is all finished (as i keep moving the furniture around) i will take some better pictures. I would recommend Wilkinson's for wallpaper and paint as they are really reliable, they always have plenty of stock in case you run out, and the prices are quite genuine for what your buying. Just remember if you are buying patterned wallpaper, make sure you check the batch number so that you know your patterns will be the same on matching pieces!


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