Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blogger's Recognition!

I have recently been nominated for a bloggers award by Sarah on blogspot which I was really chuffed about!. I am still new to blogging and still trying to figure things out, so to be thought about for more recognition is really nice :)
   On Sarah's page she states "It's basically an award for Bloggers with under 300 followers and you nominate blogs you love and think deserve more recognition. You link back to the blogger who nominated you and then nominate 3 other bloggers."  So here are my 3 nominated bloggers :)
   Firstly one of the blogs I love is Olivia's from I've been following her on blogspot for a while now, and we regularly chat as well on Twitter. She is such a lovely & beautiful girl with a great blog. She also does blog sales which i love & i have recently brought two fabulous things from her. Be sure to check her blog out!
   The next blog you should check out is This is Sarah's (who nominated me) blog, and she in fact got me inspired to start to write some blogs. Iv loved reading the blog posts that she has written, and she is like iv said inspirational for writing blogs.. Such a lovely read.
   And last but not least my other friend Sarah's blog she has just created a new blog, and she has started off with a fab story! ... Keep your eyes open for this one :)

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