Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Miami Pop!

I recently discovered that No.17 had released a new range of products called 'Miami Pop'... But there was only 4 products available as it is all limited edition. There was also an offer on where when you buy 2 items you get a free gift... Foolish not to i went ahead and brought some! The product consists of a bronzer, a lipgloss, and two different shades of nail varnish. I brought the bronzer which retails at £4.99, the lipgloss which is in a pinky colour for £3.99, and one of the nail varnishes in an orange colour which retails at £2.99. The packaging is so pretty and summery, and contains pink and blue flamingo birds. As i mentioned before it is all limited edition stock and is not in shops for much longer, i brought mine from Boots, and it is selling out quite fast!

 I have used all of the products and i must say they are brilliant and i will be buying some more before it goes off the shop floor! The bronzer is two-toned with like a goldy/browny colour, and it leaves such a nice shimmer on your cheekbones.

The nail varnish comes in two shades, a pink and an orange, i decided to get the orange to match the packaging of the Miami Pop range! The shade is called Down Town. It dries so quick and it is just so easy to apply. I am quite impressed with this nail varnish as most chip quite easily, and i have had this on now for 5 days and i do not have one chip or crack at all, and i have been to work with it on and it is still perfect!

I brought the lipgloss because i am always wearing either pink lipstick or lipgloss. It looks quite pink inside the tube, but when it is on its more of a natural colour, giving you a sun kissed look.

Now as i mentioned above about the free gift, it is really quite cute!

When you buy two of the products you get a nail bag free! Inside all the products are wrapped in pink tissue paper, and it contains two nail varnish's, a small nail file, and some nail art stickers.
The nail varnish's are red and pink, in the shades of Knockout Red and Pink Grapefruit. I have not yet used these two nail varnish's, but they also state that they dry within 60 seconds, so i can imagine that they are just as good as the Down Town orange one that i have used. The nail file is cute and small, and is ideal to put into your handbag which a lovely design. The nail art stickers are love hearts... I probably wont use these but for free you cant really complain! I have now used the bag that it all comes in to store my nail files and nail scissors!
  Over all i am really happy with these products... What do you think; will you be trying out the new limited edition Miami Pop range before it is not available? xxxx

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