Wednesday, 1 June 2011

10 Guilty Pleasures...

So seen as i'm a newbie, i decided to do some research into the kinds of things that people blog about, and it seems there are just so many topics... it has endless possibility's! So i have decided to write a blog on my top 10 Guilty Pleasures ...
  1. I think my worst guilty pleasure is spending money that i don't have! Everybody does this, but i'm sure i do it best! I have bills to pay like many people do, car insurance, phone bills etc... and i still manage to spend money that i shouldn't on things that i like, i cant help it! :)
  2. CHICKEN! I seriously eat way too much chicken. My friends all think that i'm still a child because all i seem to eat is kids meals. Chicken and chips, chicken nuggets and chips... I eat chicken all the time but even though i know i should broaden my food channels, i love it!
  3. Smoking! This is a horrid thing and i hate that i smoke, but i enjoy it at the same time. I know i should not smoke and considering everything my Dad has been through i know i need to quit, and i will sometime soon.. but at the moment smoking seems to help me get through things just that little bit easier.
  4. Crisps, oh crisps! I cannot stop eating crisps! I could quite easily; and have done in the past, eat three packets a day! I really don't know what it is about crisps, why are they so appealing?!
  5. Another guilty pleasure of mine is the colour Pink... Anything that i see that is Pink you can 99% of the time guess that i will buy it, no matter what it is! I just think Pink is such a pretty colour for a girl!
  6. Okay, all us girls have this as a guilty pleasure... a boy band.... and mine is if you don't know me, wait for it..... JLS <3 Omg who does not love JLS! Ive been to see the boys in concert in Nottingham and i was so so happy they are just amazing. They are one of the nicest bands that i know treat their fans with respect and talk to you... JLS ftw! <3
  7. Shoes are another of my guilty pleasure! A girl cannot have enough shoes can they? I have about 50 pairs which to me is not that bad as i know some girls do own a lot more, but there is just so many to choose from, it becomes quite an addiction once you start to buy a few in a row.
  8. Sleeping: I LOVE to sleep, who doesn't?! It does make me feel guilty though as sometimes i can sleep to much, and then i feel like i've wasted a day!
  9. Buying myself Pandora charms! I've only recently had my Pandora bracelet but there are just so many beautiful charms out there i just want them all and i cant help to treat myself to one every now and again, even though they are expensive!
  10. My last guilty pleasure has got to be my car! When i passed my driving test at the age of 17, i was so happy! I was even happier when i got my own car, and as much as i love it, i do think that it is best to leave the car at home some days and walk to get some exercise and ease down the pollution levels!

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