Sunday, 29 March 2015

Halo Hair Extensions - Part I

So after lusting over long hair and wanting some new hair extensions, Ive finally got myself some new ones thanks to 'Project Halo'. I have been given a great opportunity to work with Halo Hair Extensions :) Im forever looking at different companies for hair extensions but Im always really wary of ordering any online without seeing them and making sure they match my hair colour. After discovering Halo Hair Extensions I was amazed at there products online. They have so much variety to choose from! So who are Halo Hair Extensions?
Halo Hair Extensions is an online company working to provide girls with the best Halo in town; their motto "Every girl deserves a halo''. I certainly need a Halo as my hair is awful without any extensions in and is simply plain boring. You can find their website here. They provide hair that is '100% Indian Remy Human Hair' as they believe 'they are the finest extensions in the world'. Their website is really helpful. There are so many links available to you from customer reviews, how to videos,  the actual products available to buy, help on choosing the correct shade of hair; and so much more!
Halo Hair Extensions provide four main options of hair to choose from; Halo, Deluxe Halo, Clip-In & Deluxe Clip-In. They also offer micro loop and stick tip, but you can find out more about these online. After a few emails discussing what kind of hair I would like and what colour we thought was best, I was amazed at how fast I received my parcel! I was so excited when the post man knocked on my door with their distinctive packaging!

Heres a few photos of my first views when opening my Halo Hair Extensions. I knew straight away I had got my halo delivery thanks to their clear packaging! I love the big logo on the front of the box, it makes it stand out.

When I opened the box I smiled instantly.. How pretty did it look! You can tell that time, effort and care has been taken when packing their products. I think that presentation is such a vital element for companies. They need they products to live up to their name, but I think its also important to make sure they are presented in the best way possible. When I opened my box I saw beautiful purple tissue paper that was wrapped around my hair extensions with such a pretty bow! They even included some halo shampoo and conditioner, and a comb to help maintain the hair! 

Along side the lovely extra treats included , another vital thing was inside; instructions. Everyone needs instructions, just incase! Even if your a pro and know what your doing, its always good to have something to look back on! These tell you how to apply your hair, and also include tips on how to keep them looking nice and healthy!

I was super impressed when I saw that Halo Hair Extensions had included shampoo and conditioner in their parcel, and also a comb! Their mini bottles are super cute and of course have their trusty brand names on them! The comb that they have included is fab for applying hair extensions as it allows you to neatly section your hair into parts. 

Once I could allow myself to tear away the pretty purple tissue paper, I then saw my halo. There it was boxed up nice and safe waiting for me! 

Once again the packaging I cannot fault at all. Not only does it tell you a little bit about your halo, it also includes links to where you can find them if you need any help!

I decided to choose the GOLDEN BROWN SWEEDISH BLONDE MIX #12/20 shade purley because my hair is so many mixed colours. Overall I would say it is blonde, but it has a lot of different shades of blondes and also some browny shades mixed in too. I think these will be a perfect match and I can't wait to try them out. Don't worry if you choose a shade and once it arrives you think it is totally the wrong match for your hair.. as long as you do not untie them from the box you can change them! These extensions are a Deluxe set- meaning they are thicker for those with thicker hair. My hair is short but so thick, so I really needed this set. Its important to get the right amount of hair you need to make it look as real as possible. 
I chose clip ins out of the other products that were available because I am used to them. I have seen so many girls wearing extensions with their clips still visible, its the only downside to them. This can be avoided though if you place them in correctly, and its super easy. My 20" extensions have 21 clips and contain 12 pieces of hair. The clips are already attached so you don't need to worry about doing this yourself... they have done all the hard work for you! As mentioned above the hair is 100% Indian Remy hair, giving super quality. I think £99.99 for these is a bargain, because in the past I have been paying this for hair that is not this long, does not come with as many clips, isn't as thick and also doesn't come with any added extras! When you buy your halo they really look after you!

I will be doing a part II post for my Halo Hair Extensions which will focus on how to apply them, and before and after shots.. so be sure to check back!

In the mean time you can find out more about Halo Hair Extensions and their fabulous products using the following links!

Will you be ordering yourself a halo?


*This post comes to you as a review - products sent to me by Halo Hair Extensions in relation to Project Halo*

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