Sunday, 6 January 2013

Weekend Haul; Topshop, Boots, Dunelm Mill, The Range & more!

This weekend i have gone a little spend crazy! I think its because i know i start back work tomorrow so my spending will be limited as i never get time to spend in the week... that sounds a good enough reason to me though to justify my spendings this weekend :) So here goes! On Saturday i found myself buying....

TONI&GUY Deep Barrel Waver, £34.99- BOOTS

I have recently been watching the lovely Lizabelly's vlog channel (which you can find here) I noticed that she did a tutorial using this product (you can find this here) and i just had to take the plunge and buy this because it just looked so good! I went straight to my local Boots to find this product, and it was sitting there waiting for me on the shelf. At £34.99 i couldn't resist! 

Lock off, Barrel open
Lock on, Barrel closed
It is black with a yellow/mustard/gold colour onto making it stand out, has a 3m cord & has a variable temperature gauge. It is supposed to give you 'Ultra Deep Glamourous Waves'... I'm really hoping i can start to use this and get my hair wavy as i think its such a nice look for day or night! This product is also available online at Boots, and you can find it straight away here. You can buy this product directly from the TONI&GUY online shop here for £35, but it is a different colour to the one i have brought, and also Argos sell this product in-store & online here but this one is the greyish colour like the one available at the TONI&GUY online shop - I think mine is a yellow/gold colour as it is a Glamour edition. I have been asked by my friend Sarah who blogs at The Road To Being A Yummy Mummy to do a review on this product, which i am hoping to get done next week or the week after :)

Next on i went to Topshop! I found myself going straight to their makeup counter and looking at the lipsticks! I had to pick this one up, the colour is just so beautiful!

Macaroon Lipstick, £8- TOPSHOP

'Macaroon' Velvet Finish Lipstick- What more can you say apart from "I'm buying it" :) It is such a lovely coral peachy colour, and like the Matte Finish Moisturising lipstick that i mentioned in a previous post from Topshop in 'Tease' (which you can find here) it just glides straight on. This cost £8 like the others that are available. You can buy this in-store or online here. To buy this specific shade online you can find it here

Swatch of Macaroon Lipstick

Also from Topshop i managed to get myself some rather beautiful shoes in the sale...

Maggie Patent Bow T-Bar Shoes, £7- Topshop

These were £7 from £24 and i just love them! They have two little bows that touch your foot when fastened, and also have a few gold studs to make them stand out. I love the white toe cap at the front which contrasts with the black, it makes them look like tap dancing shoes- so cute! These are available at Topshop online here but most sizes have now sold out. 

I then had to go into Poundland to get some bits and bobs for my mum, which is when i saw these beauties! I brought 2 aluminium skins for my iPhone 4s, and a phone case: all of which were £1 each! 

Aluminium Skins, £1 each- POUNDLAND

Floral phone case, £1- POUNDLAND

When i saw these aluminium skins i was a little undecided at first as i thought "what if it looks silly" "what if it marks my phone" "will it even stay put on my phone" ... I brought them anyway regardless of this. I brought one in Pink and one in Purple. They also have Black & Silver available, and they are for the iphone4/4s. As soon as i came home i tried out the pink skin & it is fantastic... It makes me feel like ive had a brand new phone! You basically just pull the sticker off the back of the skin, align it upto your phone and press down and hey presto, its on! 

 I also love the folding floral phone case that i brought. It obviously protects your phones back and front when it it closed... and it is kind of Cath Kidston looking! Such great buys for £1 each!

Today i got a little bit bored and decided to head out again with mum, and yes you got it we went shopping again! This time though for the house :) We decided to go to The Range because we had'nt been in a while. When i came across this first purchase i almost jumped for joy...

Marylin Monroe Wall Art Canvas (3 piece), £8.99- THE RANGE

Anyone who knows me knows that i adore this woman, and when i saw these pictures i had to have them! My friend had these a long time ago but they sold out quite fast and i couldnt find them anywhere, then today when i went in they had a few back in stock! £8.99 is such a bargin for 3 lovely pictures! I have looked online to see if this is available but at the minute it is not showing up on their website.  

Gingham Check Pots, £1.79- THE RANGE

I then saw these pots and had to have them as my mum gave me the idea of getting a few red accessories for my room to bring out the red lisptick on the canvas wall art that i was buying, i thought fab i will! Then i saw these and had to have them, they are hard pots and they have a cute ginham style bow on them with dangling polka dotted love hearts. I brought two as i am slightly ocd and have to have things matching. I am going to use one to store my makeup brushes because as you can see in the background of the picture my current one is too small... and maybe put hair brushes in the other one. Theres no way i wasnt buying these for £1,79! I have looked to see if these are available online but once again i cannot see them on the website. 

We then went to Dunelm Mill, another place that i adore. I came across these fab table lamps...

Rosalie Felt Flower Table Lamp, £7.99- DUNELM MILL

These lamps are adorable and just what i needed. They have such a pretty flower in the middle of the red shade and a silver base to set it off. They currently have 20% off as they are usually £9.99. You can find this product available in-store or online here. When the lights are switched on the flower stands out even more as the shade becomes lighter- really pretty :)
I then got myself two little red pillows for my bed:

Abis Cushion, £3.19- Dunelm Mill

This product currently also has 20% off as they should be £3.99. The red is such a lovely colour, and the actual cushion cover has a sheen which adds to the effect :) You can find these pretty cushions online here and they're available in different colours.

So thats my haul of this weekends treats!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Glitter makes the heart glow...

I have done a review on this Barry M product before, which you can find here. I just wanted to do this quick post though as this nail paint was my favourite again this christmas just gone. The colour is just so so lovely, and the sparkle that you get from it is awesome!
When i wear this nail paint i get so many lovely comments, "whats that nail paint?!" "whos done your nails" ... Its so lovely to know you can achieve this from a high street product... i think its fab! The red is such a nice colour, and the glitter just adds on to how pretty it really is.

Nails when painted with the above mentioned paint.

Barry M products are avaiable at most Superdrug & Boots stores or from their online stores which are linked, or of course from the Barry M website it-self :)

Im currently out shopping as this post is shared, ah the joys of a scheduled post :) Hopefully im buying lots of lovely things to review for you!

What was your favourite nail paint this christmas just gone?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Prime Time - Tease.. Topshop treats!

Left- Lips in TEASE, £8 Topshop.
Right- Blush in PRIME TIME, £6 Topshop.

So today I thought I'd just do a little review on two products I recently got from Topshop. I'm sure most of you now own at least one product of the Topshop makeup range, so I may be a little late on the scene with this post but I only got my first products over the Christmas period.
First off lets talk about the packaging, HOW PRETTY! I love love love the packaging. Black boxes with lovely white writing/images, and as soon as you open them ta-daaaaa more beautiful packaging!!
I love the feel of the items, and the whiteness of the packaging makes them look lovely- plush the black polka dots on the blusher and black lines on the lipstick just set it off. Also the blusher comes with a handy compact mirror inside the kid which is brill!

I was so excited to use these products. The first one I tried was the blush. 'Prime Time' just yells out "use meeee" to me, and so I did.  You get 4g of this, and it is a really nice creamy pink blush- in-fact its quite pink ... So with these two things in mind you don't need to use a lot of it to get an effect. I find using two or three dots is enough for me. Dot it on your cheeks and then gently rub in... Looks Absolutely lovely! At first i did think £6 was a little bit expensive for a blush, but then considering the pretty packaging and mirror- what the hell, go for it; its sooo worth it!

Lipstick & Blush, both from TOPSHOP.

Onto the lipstick, I am a sucker for pink lipstick.. Everyone who knows me defines me by pink lipstick, so when I saw this I HAD to get it. It is a 'Matte Finish Moisturing' Lipstick, in 'TEASE'. You get 3.5g of this which is a decent amount for a lipstick, and it costs £8. I was amazed at this product because when i put it on my lips it just glides on, and you really don't need to apply many layers of it to get an even coverage, it just goes straight on! Ive also found it stays on for quite a long time, i was wearing it yesterday and it stayed put for at least 6 hours.. I love it!

Heres a picture of a swatch of both products :)

Top swatch is the PRIME TIME Blush
Botton swatch is the TEASE Lipstick
Id really recommend these products, and I'm excited to try out some of the other products Topshop have available. They are available in-store or online at the Topshop website which you can find here.

Wearing Topshops PRIME TIME Blush & TEASE Lipstick- you cant really see the blush on this pic though sorry!!

Have you used any of these products? What are your favourites?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New year, New diary!

2013 Diary's-
Left- Household Discount Store, £1
Right- Present from a friend at Christmas

I LOVE the start of a new year because that means one thing... Time for a new diary!!
I'm quite an obsessed freak when it comes to diary's, I try and make sure I use the same pen all the way through, I use different coloured highlighters for bills, dates, etc. I love a good diary & there are so many around. Last year I think I ha 3 diary's, one main pretty one, a personal one & a work one! I love just being able to see what I'm doing, what I've done etc- and yes I love making lists- but that's another matter!
These two diary's are my personal and work diary's. I tend to keep them smallish so that they fit perfectly in my handbag. My main one is more than likely to be big as I keep that at home & transfer things into it daily.... Too organised but I love it! Here is my main diary...

2013 diary, £2.80 (i think!!) - Tesco
I love this one because its lovely and floral, and Cath Kidston looking! Its a nice lightweight week to week one too, which means if i did need to carry it around it wouldn't weigh my handbag down.
Last year I got fed up of my diary looking tatty half way through the year & went out and brought a new one just so that I could re-transfer everything into it- sad I know!

Do you have your 2013 diary yet?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Get your Skates on!

So the other night one of my friends decided we should go Ice Skating!! I've NEVER been before, & we don't have a rink close by (probably why I've never been) ... Meaning that I've never worn ice skates in my life- this including roller skates

Anyway seen as it was the Christmas season and it seemed fun & exciting I said yes and off we went.
The closest ice rink to us is in Telford, so off we went on our little road trip, music blaring... Having a good song song as you do! It takes about 45 minutes to get there on the motorway from where we live.
When we arrived there admission was £8 for 2 hours, 8-10pm. I think this is quite reasonable considering you are paying to use the ice rink and hire out the ice skates! We went on and I think it was roller disco (not a kids one although children are allowed).. Music was blaring & it was just such a good atmosphere. They have lockers there to store your belongings while you skate, I think it is £2.

Anyway I got my skates on and after several minutes of standing there being a big baby saying "I daren't go on, I can't do it" my friends pulled me on and off we went. It took a couple of very slow laps for me to get used to it, and yes I was grabbing onto the sides for my dear life... But it was just such a good evening, full of laughs with my friends- I'd really recommend it :)

Here's some pictures from the night- sorry they aren't very good quality due to the lighting inside.

Road trip on the motorway at night!
Ice Skates!

Skating on Ice!
Getting to grips with the ice & skates!

Have you ever been ice skating? Do you have any good recommendations for things to do with friends?


Keeping it Plain&Simple...

Cross T-Shirt- Glance, £5
Cardy- BHS, £18
Grey Asymmetric Skirt- Primark, £8

So today is the second day of the new year, and I'm having a little clear out at home. This is todays look- a little messy & plain, but thats reflective on how i feel at the minute!
Time to get back on track with everything- get my room spick and span & everything back in its place, sort out my diary's & plan future events... and so on. Ive had a little play with my blog layout & moved a few bits around to freshen it up, i still feel like its missing something though but I'm unsure what!
Im back at work on Monday so hopefully i can go back with a clear mind knowing theres nothing that i needed to do but haven't!
How are you spending your day today, are you back at work or lucky to still be off for a few more days like me? 


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Lets find a Resolution for 2013!

Ive been excited for today, 1st January 2013 for so long because it just feels and sounds so fresh- a new start to make things better for another year. Ive also been dreading it though because alls you see is "new year, new me" "im going to the gym- i will loose weight" "im never drinking again" ... we all know most resolutions get broken, but it really is like a broken record all the time hearing the same thing because most people break them within the first week- me being one of them in the past!

So this year ive not really set myself any unrealistic resolutions because i dont want to be disapointed when they dont happen. Heres what im thinking instead:

To not spend so much money.
I could easily say "thats it im not buying any clothes now or spending any money" ... of course il spend money, its life you have to spend money to get by. Therefore i am going to not spend as much money as i usually do, and i will be realistic with what im buying, do i really need it? 

To carry on not smoking.
If you have followed my blog from the start you will know i was a smoker and i quit before for 3 months, but then stupidly started again due to stress and due to having no willpower. I have been really poorly recently in the couple of weeks coming up to christmas, and that was the perfect opportunity for me to stop smoking again, so i did... and today makes it 3 weeks. So this resolution is to carry on not smoking- and this way i will be saving money which will help my previous resolution above.

To not eat as much as i do, especially when bored.
Im not going to say "Im joining a gym" and im not going to say "im going on a diet- no more junk food" because it just doesnt work. I probably should go to a gym to get fitter, but that costs money which like above im trying to avoid- so unless i find somewhere with a really good deal, then i will just be sticking to the usual and using games etc to work out. I want to try and cut down on my portion sizes, not cut out food completly. Im going to try and eat more fruit, and i want to eat less junk food, i.e crisps etc. Im not going to say i wont eat any junk food because every one deserves a treat now and again.

To write more blog posts.
I would love for 2013 to be the year my blog reaches its peak, gets more followers and interest- and just hits off in general, therefore i am going to try and blog more than i have been doing, no matter how busy i may be.

To be happy.
I want to be happy, and im hoping 2013 will be full of happiness. Im going to do my best to be happy, and when things get me down i am going to be positive and try to see the better side of it. Im going to make sure i am around people who make me happy, and not people who i know make me sad.

To go on holiday at some point in 2013.
I NEED to go on holiday this year. Ive been saying every year im going and ive still not been because theres always been something holding me back. Well not this year, i am going to go away because i deserve a break. I dont mind if it is abroad or just somewhere out of the county... i will go away and it will be just what i need.

At the minute i think they are the only resolutions i really want to achieve.
Have you decided on some resolutions? Id love to hear what they are :) I hope you all achieve what you want in 2013!


Happy New Year from Inside the Secret Closet x

Happy New Year!! 

Dress from Select in 2011

So there we have it, another year gone... How they go so fast i do not know! I hope you all have had a fabulous christmas, and a great time last night for new year. I went to a friends house, drank plenty of alcohol and kept myself busy playing on the kinect - which might i add im paying for today as my arms and back ache like mad, but its all good fun!

Im looking forward to reading lots of posts this 2013, and im hoping this is the year i can make my blog hit off with flying colours :)


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