Friday, 4 January 2013

Prime Time - Tease.. Topshop treats!

Left- Lips in TEASE, £8 Topshop.
Right- Blush in PRIME TIME, £6 Topshop.

So today I thought I'd just do a little review on two products I recently got from Topshop. I'm sure most of you now own at least one product of the Topshop makeup range, so I may be a little late on the scene with this post but I only got my first products over the Christmas period.
First off lets talk about the packaging, HOW PRETTY! I love love love the packaging. Black boxes with lovely white writing/images, and as soon as you open them ta-daaaaa more beautiful packaging!!
I love the feel of the items, and the whiteness of the packaging makes them look lovely- plush the black polka dots on the blusher and black lines on the lipstick just set it off. Also the blusher comes with a handy compact mirror inside the kid which is brill!

I was so excited to use these products. The first one I tried was the blush. 'Prime Time' just yells out "use meeee" to me, and so I did.  You get 4g of this, and it is a really nice creamy pink blush- in-fact its quite pink ... So with these two things in mind you don't need to use a lot of it to get an effect. I find using two or three dots is enough for me. Dot it on your cheeks and then gently rub in... Looks Absolutely lovely! At first i did think £6 was a little bit expensive for a blush, but then considering the pretty packaging and mirror- what the hell, go for it; its sooo worth it!

Lipstick & Blush, both from TOPSHOP.

Onto the lipstick, I am a sucker for pink lipstick.. Everyone who knows me defines me by pink lipstick, so when I saw this I HAD to get it. It is a 'Matte Finish Moisturing' Lipstick, in 'TEASE'. You get 3.5g of this which is a decent amount for a lipstick, and it costs £8. I was amazed at this product because when i put it on my lips it just glides on, and you really don't need to apply many layers of it to get an even coverage, it just goes straight on! Ive also found it stays on for quite a long time, i was wearing it yesterday and it stayed put for at least 6 hours.. I love it!

Heres a picture of a swatch of both products :)

Top swatch is the PRIME TIME Blush
Botton swatch is the TEASE Lipstick
Id really recommend these products, and I'm excited to try out some of the other products Topshop have available. They are available in-store or online at the Topshop website which you can find here.

Wearing Topshops PRIME TIME Blush & TEASE Lipstick- you cant really see the blush on this pic though sorry!!

Have you used any of these products? What are your favourites?


  1. lovely photos, i love topshop makeup the products are so creamy :)xx

    1. ahh thanks you! & yeah theyre lovely i defo need to buy more! xx

  2. Ive still not bought any Topshop make up but these look lovely I may have to have a look in 96 days lol

    1. ha ha yes your 100 day spending ban! They're really good i never thought they would be as nice as they are!

  3. I love Topshop makeup, especially the cream blushes! xx

  4. I love topshop makeup Iv got a cream blush and a lip crayon which I absolutely love there a bit pricey but worth it :Pxxx


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