Monday, 30 June 2014

More love for Kimonos!

So recently I fell in love AGAIN! Of course it was with another kimono.. and yes once again it is from Select! I have talked about some kimonos from Select in a few of my recent posts; declaring my love for them.. But once again after a little shopping trip I saw this beauty and just could not resist! 

I love kimonos because you can dress them up or down, and the ones that seem to be coming out now are more kaftan style ready for holidays, so even if I brought kimonos now I could buy them and still know that they would be bang on trend ready for the holiday season. 

Here are some photos of my recent love…

I love the beautiful floral patterns in this kimono- they are such summery colours and can be paired with pinks, whites, blues and even greys! I am especially a girly girl-so I love the pink that is included in it!

This day in particular was a nice sunny day (hence the sandals) … a kimono can turn such a simple outfit into something much more! 

This photo above I actually don't like; just because I feel like I look so broad shouldered (which I am) and I feel like I look 3 sizes bigger than I am! I am a size 10, and this kimono is a size 6… Trust me you do not need your actual clothes size in these- they are huge!! But buying a size 6 does make you happier =) .. Well it did me anyway!

This kimono has tasselling to add to the effect which i absolutely LOVE! It just gives it that ultimate summer feeling! It is made from 100% polyester! 

So I guess your all wanting a link now to some beautiful kimonos? Well this kimono can be found online here. It comes in at £16.00 and it is just so worth it! 
"Get instant summer style with this floral navy fringed kimono. Throw it over a bikini for a glamorous holiday look, or keep it casual in denim shorts an a crop top"

I chose to pair this kimono with blue skinny jeans and a pink vest top- just because it was a comfortable  style for me, but like the quote above this would be perfect with demin shorts or over a bikini… It can create so many different looks!
This was a look I just through together for a quick fix outfit for a last minute trip out!

Which Kimonos are you loving at the minute??

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Say it with a cross!

Apologises for my absence and this super late post. Recently I have been poorly, had exams which meant copious amounts of revision & had other things going on; so this is the first chance I've had to be able to sit down and actually blog!

Recently I discovered a little company called Black Tied. Black Tied are "an independent jewellery store based in Ireland." Their "goal is to create and source pieces that feature genuine gemstones, crystals and metals that appeal to those who are looking for fashion forward and affordable jewels with a unique and edgy style thats hard to find elsewhere" All of their "handmade pieces are marked as such and are customisable
*Quotes taken from *

Black Tied have a range of jewellery which you can find online on their website. Their website is so easy to use, and you have all of these gorgeous pieces right in front of you on stunning photos! I was browsing all their items from necklaces to rings and bracelets and more- I just didn't know where to start, I wanted it all!

One thing that especially caught my eye was the Silver Cut Out Cross Cuff Bracelet

*Photo taken from Black Tied online*

I just loved the shape, style and shiny colour of this bracelet; I knew straight away it had to be mine. This bracelet is also available in Gold which you can find here.
This beautiful bracelet is currently available in the sale for £7.00; such a bargain- you can find it here!

With knowing that this company is based in Ireland, I expected to have a little wait for the postage… but this came SO fast after ordering it! I was super impressed. Here are some photos upon receiving the item.

Absolutely love their packaging! Super cute leopard print bag with the bracelet tucked up nice and safe in bubble wrap with a lovely label!


I love this bracelet and can't wait to style it properly.. It will go with so many things! The bracelet is lightweight and just moulds to the shape of your wrist for a better fit!

I would recommend Black Tied to anyone thinking of buying some fashion jewellery, they have fab pieces to match their affordable prices!

You can find out more about Black Tied by using the following links:

Will you be treating yourself to one of these Irish beauties?


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kimono over here!

It is always a pain for me whenever I'm getting ready to go out somewhere, be it day or night time- I really struggle when it comes to outfits. Regardless of all the clothes that I own, I absolutely HATE my top half; I have really broad shoulders which stand out a mile, & I think my arms are quite big compared to my legs which look like sticks whenever I see photos of them. Due to me being so self conscious about my arms I always try to cover up the top half of me as much as I can so that I am not bearing all! This does become tricky though as there are only so many 'nice' long sleeved tops out there that are suitable for certain occasions such as going for tea, and obviously at the minute it isn't really cold enough to wear long sleeved cardigans- although sometimes I do if push comes to push.

Just recently I have noticed ALOT of Kimono's in the shops. I personally think these are an absolute life saver. Ive seen them in all different shapes/colours/sizes with different patterns; perfect for day or night!
A shop that I seem to always be buying Kimono's from is Select. They have so many lovely ones in store and online at the minute, I can't get enough of them! I already own a few but Im always looking for more. Heres a recent OOTN featured recently on my Instagram.

*Some photos may appear blurred, this is due to them being in action photos*

This kimono has beautiful black tasselling, and is a deep red/burgundy colour mixed in with a golden shade and more black. With the colours in this kimono being quite dark I only opted for a dark cami top to match and so I paired it with blue jeggins to bring out some of the redness rather than having a fully dark outfit. The nude shoes are a lovely shade to go with the golden tones. 

Kimono - Select - £19.99 (not currently available online although may still be in store)
Black strappy V-neck cami - Topshop - £18.00
Denim jeggins - Primark - £7
Nude heels - Select - £10.00 (not currently available online although may still be in store)
Handbag - Primark - £10.00
Statement necklace - Primark - £3.00 (I think)
*Any other jewellery seen is Pandora*

I think what I love most about kimono's is that they just work for me; they are able to turn a casual outfit into something more edgy, and for someone as self conscious about the top half as mentioned above like me then they are just perfect because my shoulders are covered, and most of my arms are too. Even though the kimono's aren't full sleeve length, this one in particular has the lovely tasseling detail which draws attention from the arms anyway, and the pattern also helps to do this too.

I am currently lusting over another kimono in Select at the minute which is very similar to the one I already have featured above. Heres some photo's…

*Photos taken from*

Black Boudoir Floral Kimono - Select - £16.00

I love the colours in this kimono once again, and the cute floral pattern. Like my kimono featured above for the OOTN, this one also has tasseling which brightens up any outfit straight away. I would style this one with a bright orange camp, black skinny jeans and some chunky black heels! I will definitely be buying this sometime soon!

Are the kimono's for you?


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