Monday, 30 June 2014

More love for Kimonos!

So recently I fell in love AGAIN! Of course it was with another kimono.. and yes once again it is from Select! I have talked about some kimonos from Select in a few of my recent posts; declaring my love for them.. But once again after a little shopping trip I saw this beauty and just could not resist! 

I love kimonos because you can dress them up or down, and the ones that seem to be coming out now are more kaftan style ready for holidays, so even if I brought kimonos now I could buy them and still know that they would be bang on trend ready for the holiday season. 

Here are some photos of my recent love…

I love the beautiful floral patterns in this kimono- they are such summery colours and can be paired with pinks, whites, blues and even greys! I am especially a girly girl-so I love the pink that is included in it!

This day in particular was a nice sunny day (hence the sandals) … a kimono can turn such a simple outfit into something much more! 

This photo above I actually don't like; just because I feel like I look so broad shouldered (which I am) and I feel like I look 3 sizes bigger than I am! I am a size 10, and this kimono is a size 6… Trust me you do not need your actual clothes size in these- they are huge!! But buying a size 6 does make you happier =) .. Well it did me anyway!

This kimono has tasselling to add to the effect which i absolutely LOVE! It just gives it that ultimate summer feeling! It is made from 100% polyester! 

So I guess your all wanting a link now to some beautiful kimonos? Well this kimono can be found online here. It comes in at £16.00 and it is just so worth it! 
"Get instant summer style with this floral navy fringed kimono. Throw it over a bikini for a glamorous holiday look, or keep it casual in denim shorts an a crop top"

I chose to pair this kimono with blue skinny jeans and a pink vest top- just because it was a comfortable  style for me, but like the quote above this would be perfect with demin shorts or over a bikini… It can create so many different looks!
This was a look I just through together for a quick fix outfit for a last minute trip out!

Which Kimonos are you loving at the minute??

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