Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The futures bright, the futures orange! #ootn

So this weekend just gone I travelled to Burnley for one of my boyfriend's DJ events. As usual planning up to this event was stressful as I never know what to wear for a night out these days as most clothes now I find you have to be size 6 to fit in them and look good… In my case this cannot happen! I needed an outfit on a budget, and having shopped around for a few weeks Primark became my saviour once again, and saved the day (or night even).

Heres a few pictures of the clothes I managed to find, and how I put them together to create my OOTN.

Where to buy...
1. Orange Cami Top - PRIMARK - £4.00
2. Black Scalloped Edge Shorts with Cut Out Detail- PRIMARK - £10.00
3. Fashion Statement Necklace: Black&Gold - PRIMARK - £2.00 (Sale)
   *link to the shoes only shows the shoes in black as cannot find the orange ones online, but sure they will be available in your local store*

I absolutely love this outfit, and the whole thing cost just £27.00! Heres a few more photos of the items that I chose to wear...

1. Orange Cami Top - PRIMARK - £4.00

Everyone loves a cami, and at £4.00 you just can't go wrong! Primark have these in all different colours. I chose this bright orange colour as I thought it would stand out against my choice of black shorts. These tops are also helpful for dressing up or down, whatever the occasion. Apologises for the creases, I have too many clothes in my closet and they get squashed!

2. Black Scalloped Edge Shorts with Cut Out DetailPRIMARK - £10.00

These shorts are my favourite! I love anything thats black, and the scalloped edge detail makes them more pretty… but with the added cut out detailing - they just make the perfect short! These shorts can be dressed up or dressed down with a t-shirt for a more casual look.

    3. Fashion Statement Necklace: Black&Gold - PRIMARK - £2.00 (Sale)

What need I say, I have so many different statement necklaces at home, and I think all the different ones out at the minute just make an outfit stand out.

I originally planned on wearing some black heels with a gold bar across them to bring out the black and gold in my chosen necklace, but after wandering around New Look I came across these amazing platform shoes! I was scared at first that I wouldn't be able to walk in them, but having the platform on them really helped and I was fine! For £11.00 I was so so happy, and they matched my cami vest top perfectly! These shoes also have the cut out detail, and once on the foot they are so so comfy and look really nice!

So theres my bargain outfit for last weekend… What do you all think? I really liked it and felt really comfy out wearing it as the cami and the shorts are both quite floaty when on :)

*apologises for the lighting, no filters used on any photos taken… this photo on the left is bright from the hotel room light, and obviously the one on the right is darker due to being outside at night time*

Have you dropped on any bargains just lately?


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  1. Thats a really pretty outfit, love the colour of the top! You look fab :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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