Friday, 10 June 2011

Patch test on Lauren's Way tan

So girls, I now have Lauren's Way tan in my life! I have not forgotten to blog about this product... i just haven't had chance to use it yet. This is just a quick blog to let you seen the result of the patch test that i did last night just to see what the colour looks like.

(This was when i first put it on)                                (This is after waking up today)

As you can see from the photo's, i think its a bit more than a 'patch test' as its just a massive rectangle of tan! I only used a tiny bit of the mousse but it is actually amazing how much area it can cover compared to St Tropez where i find i had to use quite a lot in one go just to get an even coverage. There is no smell at all to this tan, which i love as the smell is the worst part of tanning for me, especially when your in bed at night and all you can smell is tan!
You can see the colour instantly when you put it on, and it is just so smooth. Today i have woken up to find the result of the right photo. It is such a lovely bronzed colour; not orange at all! I'm quite excited to use it properly now all over to see how it looks :) Once i get chance i will take photos of the finished look using Lauren's Way tan! Any questions please feel free to comment on the blog!

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