Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The only way is Lauren's Way x

As promised a while ago, I said i would do another blog commenting on Lauren's Way tan! I went out this weekend for the first time in a while and of course needed to tan, so what perfect timing to use my new tan! I was honestly so amazed when using this product. It glides over the skin so easily, and as i have said before there is no horrible smell to it! Now usually when i have used St Tropez before, i have needed to apply lots to get an even coverage... So with this bad habit in mind i used quite a lot of Lauren's Way tan, and it was so not needed! You get so much colour from such a small amount of tan! It also, like most tans- develops over 4 hours, except Lauren's way also gives an instant effect and i was brown from the moment i applied it! It dry's really quite so it is good for if you are in a hurry!

Once i was out i had so many compliments on the tan, it really does make you look like you have been abroad for 2/3 weeks! The next day i decided to have a bath after having a lot of drinks spilt on me whilst i was out the night before, and usually i hate doing this when i have just put my tan on as it always comes off patchy! Lauren's way does not do this! It all comes off so even, and I am still really tanned now even after bathing! I am really really impressed with this product and i will be buying lots more in the future. I recommend everyone to buy this tan, it is honestly the best out there!
Will you be trying out Lauren's Way tan? xxxxx

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