Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hair Colours

Hello bloggers! This is my third blog of the day... yes i think I'm addicted already. I just thought I'd blog about hair colour's, as if your like me ... well every colour is just beautiful! My original hair colour is blonde, but after a quick unthoughtful move i dyed it dark chocolate brown. Then i decided to be daring and dye it jet black! After a few weeks i cried that much because it just did not suit me at all! I went through a lot of pain and bleach to get my hair back to a blonde'ish colour within 2 weeks! It cost me so much money and was just a nightmare. I had bright ginger hair, fluorescent yellow... but then i went to Ibiza for 2 weeks and the sunshine helped to tone down the yellowness.
Anyway after about 6 months it seems i had not learnt my lesson! My hair was finally getting back to how it originally used to be, and then i went and dyed it a dark ash blonde, and after this i tried what i expected to be a mahogany colour. This turned out really wrong and i ended up with a black fringe and sides and the rest was a mix between dark brown and red! I could of cried!
Thankfully i have managed to get my hair back to blonde now and its still healthy as i have only had it done via a full head of blonde foils where as last time i lost so much hair from having full head dyes and toners!
Hair colour's are beautiful, but i think i can safely say i have now learnt my lesson, and i will be sticking with blonde hair from now on.. So girls if your thinking of changing, just make sure you can live with it if you do it because if you don't like it it is so much hassle!

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