Saturday, 28 May 2011

End of an era!'

So... seen as i'm new, my first blog is going to be about University. I was at uni for 4 years, and towards the end as most of you will know, the fee's have decided to go up! I'm quite happy that i have finished my course before this takes action! £3,400 a year is bad enough, let alone £9,000!
  My course was English Literature, which sometimes sucked the life & soul out of me! Other than that I would recommend it to anyone who likes English, and loves to read a lot, and likes the historic side to it. I will be honest, it was not what I expected it to be, but I powered through and finished! I have also worked part time as a sales assistant for four years whilst studying my degree, which has its ups and downs... Ups is it's more money to help you live, downs is that there is just not enough time to attend lectures, do homework, do essays and work at the same time!
  As everyone will agree, you meet some wonderful people at university, coming from different countries. I made some very close friends who I am still in contact with, and they were just amazing people.
  As I have now finished my course I am awaiting graduation which also scares me a lot!. I am looking for a full time job, but I feel like I have been pushed into the middle of nowhere with not a clue of how to survive! I have no idea what job I would like to do at the moment! I'm sure most people feel like this once finished university!
  On the plus side now that I have finished, I can have more me time and do the things I love to do like long pamper sessions, and go out and just generally have a good time with no deadlines hanging over me making me feel like I'm doomed each day in case I've missed one!

Anyway, this has only been a short blog seen as its my first! I hope I havent bored any of you who may be reading... I look forward to reading more blogs :) xx

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