Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Race for Life

Cancer has effected my family quite a lot since I left high school. My mum has had Cervical cancer and managed to fight it, & my Dad recently passed away with Bone & Lung cancer. Also my close auntie died of Lymphoma cancer, and I have another auntie & uncle who have fought off cancer. 
As we all know, this is a disease that effects so many people. It is important that doctors keep on looking for new cures so that one day maybe just maybe this disease will be no longer a problem. 
This year I have decided to join the girls and do Race for Life 2011. I have currently raised £260... My target was originally £100, & now £200.
I would be so happy if anyone would like to sponsor me, or just donate to Cancer Research UK. 
Together we could make this change.

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