Saturday, 19 April 2014

What I wore and a new found love.

So the other day I visited a little town in Nantwich with my mum for a little walk around and for some afternoon tea. I've never been to Nantwich before so I didn't know what to expect, and as always when your going anywhere I didn't know what to wear! The weather was sunny but with a really cold wind, so I decided on summery colours and patterns but with a warm over sized jacket. Heres some photos of my OOTD:

(please excuse the ruffled jeans.. not a good look I will admit!)

So onto what I wore!
Pink Oversized Wool JacketSelect Clothing - £40.00
Skinny Jeans - Primark - £11.00
Cream Key Hole Black Textured Boxy Top - New Look - £12.99
Jewelled Statement Necklace - Primark - £3.00
Polka Dot Satchel bag - Primark - £6.00
Navy Sailor Striped Wedges - USC (Huntington) - £20.00

My favourite pick from this outfit is obviously the coat, mainly because its pink! I adore the colour that this coat is, its like a baby pink but not too light! I was worried at first that with it being wool it may make me itch as I have sensitive skin, but its been completely fine! From Select for £40.00 this coat was an absolute STEAL! I had it brought for me as a present for Christmas (just gone) and its truly one of the best coats I've ever had! Im not sure if this is still available to buy as I've looked online and can't find it, but perhaps try your local store? These coats are hot on the trend at the minute, and at £40.00 you can't go wrong, its so cosy and warm; and the best part about it is that it isn't heavy which I initially expected it to be with it being woollen and oversized! 

If I'm wearing something of a light shade I tend to keep my top a light colour too, hence the white/cream choice. I've posted about these tops before in a little OOTD featuring a different coloured one; if you didn't see it you can read it here. This top is also a fab steal at £12.99 from New Look. Im loving New Look at the minute as they have currently got all the latest trends for affordable prices. This top can be dressed up or down so your defo getting your moneys worth. I paired it with the Primark jewelled statement necklace just to give it that extra effect, and popped on some of their blue skinny jeans for that casual look!


My shoe choice was quite a strange one that day as I decided I wanted the same colour as my bag, but I wanted to clash the patterns, so as I was using the beautiful navy blue & white polka dotted satchel bag from Primark I went for some navy blue and white stripped shoes.. as you do!

The little satchel bag is so cute and is totally on trend for summer. £6.00; another Primark bargain! It is only really small which means you can't fit too much inside it, but if your like me and you tend to hoard any old crap in your handbag then its perfect because it stops it!
The wedge shoes I had from USC a few years back and are Huntington.. I haven't seen many around since but I'm guessing as its nearing the holiday season these type of wedges will be back out!
Heres a few more photos of my OOTD.

I ended up having a lovely little day in Nantwich! I hope you like my OOTD.. Lots more to come so be  sure to keep checking back!

What styles are you loving at the minute?


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