Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Go to a safe place and say whats on your mind...

Okay so here at The Secret Closet i have acquired a new writing area for myself! Today i have been to the wonderful Ikea... oh how i love this place. Its full of amazing things that i just want to buy and have in my own house when i move out! Seen as i am starting my new job as a Teachers Assistant in a few weeks, i thought perhaps using my MacBook on my dressing table amongst my mirror and brushes probably wasn't the best idea when coming to planning activities etc. So hence this thought i got myself down to Ikea and picked up a cute 'Carrie Bradshaw' looking laptop desk. I couldn't wait to get it home and do a little DIY to assemble it! Half an hour later I'm done and trying to work out where to put it as my room isn't as simple as just four walls. I decided to pop it under my window next to my bed... this could be a bad idea as instead of sleeping i may find myself under temptation and on here more!

Heres a sneaky picture... 

Since taking this picture and uploading it i have moved it round a little but only by moving the plant pot & books to the left and the MacBook to the right. I feel inspired already now i have my own little corner :)
I know its only a small laptop table, but its big enough to get a notebook etc on with it, and it was such a bargin at £35.99! They also do this desk in black, or you can have black with a white draw (the draw just slides out from under the top surface), or if you choose a white desk you can have a white, beech or green draw! I will probably get myself a new little swivel chair to go with it next time I'm at Ikea as my dressing table stool doesn't really help when sitting for hours on it!

I also just want to mention quickly that i have started to put a few items of clothing on my eBay account... theres only two items on at the minute as two have sold, but i shall be adding a few more soon... heres the link to my ebay page

Where do you write your blog posts?


  1. Aw this is seriously cute! I've been saying I'm going to get myself a desk for ages. Sick of writing essays with my laptop on my legs sat on my bed ha. Nightmare. You've picked up a good 'un here, love it(: xo

    1. Thats exactly how i used to write my essays when i was at uni! Its such a pain! Im really happy with this little cute number... i totally recommend one :) Thanks for your lovely comment chicken xx

  2. I love this, I only use my laptop on my lap lol x

    1. Haha it kinda makes sense doesn't it to use it there! I'll probably still have days if i can't be bothered and just slum on my bed with it.. but for now its give me some motivation :) x

  3. It looks so nice pea! It actually looks better than in the shop; must be JT's amazing DIY skills :) lol... Hope you've managed to find the perfect place for it now. It'll be so perfect for your new job :) xx

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