Friday, 31 August 2012

Jumped on board the Kindle bandwagon!

So my lovely's my Friday night has consisted of a trip to Tesco! I originally went for the normal bread & milk run.. & ended up coming out with a Kindle!!

I've wanted a kindle for a while but never actually went the whole way & splashed out for one, but tonight I thought what the hell I'm going to do it!

I've had a grey one, it was £89.. I was going to have the new Kindle Touch but I thought I'd stick with this one for now. My first book that I've brought on it is.... You guessed it, Fifty Shades. Freed! I've got all 3 books at home & I'm half way through the last one, but I decided to buy it anyway and finish reading it on the Kindle!

From what I've seen so far they are so clever! I love it already! I also love how lightweight they are! It fits perfectly on my handbag, so no more carrying around heavy books! At first I was against getting one as I like the idea of sitting down with a good book- the old fashioned way... But in terms of reality they are so much easier & no more flicking pages or taking up room with books that have been read building up!

I've been onto eBay and got myself a lovely little purple cover for it for )3.99- bargain!

How do you like to read; the old fashioned way or have you too the leap into the modern era? Xxx


  1. really want a kindle, think it's defo going on my christmas list, i have too many books they're everywhere, also fifty shades freed is ace, hope you enjoy it, now following you're blog, loving it so far! :) xxx

    1. aaaw yes you defo should get one i love mine :) thanks for the follow! xx


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