Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Talk of Bourjois!

Hi lovely's! This is gonna be just a quick post as I'm having to rush it so it may not be as detailed as id like but hey ho here goes... Recently i was recommended by a friend to buy some makeup products from the brand 'Bourjois'... Being a Boots lover i went in and luckily found that products from this brand were on offer, 3 for 2! The prices are a little high for the amount that you get in a product (in my own opinion), but seen as this offer was on i couldn't resist!

Ive never used anything from this selection before, and I don't know too much about it, but I'm sure for the prices they will be worth it... I have used these once and i like them so far so thumbs up for now!

Firstly the blush... Very cute packaging, £7.49, colour, (48) Cendre De Rose Brune.
This blush is quite good- most blushers seem to loose so much when using a brush so that you can apply it .. excessive waste! This however doesn't loose that much, and the colour is really nice especially when its on the apple of your cheeks!

Bronzing powder! For years i have used bronzing balls from Avon, but i was so bored of them and i just think they are lacking something as a product, so I've opted for this after hearing great things about it.  £6.99. I love this packaging, its like a little book and then inside it looks like chocolate, it even smells like chocolate too! Its really good when its on too as it gives you a lovely bronzed look.. id defo recommend this, especially for summer!

Lastly, lipgloss! Im not really a glossy girl- i prefer my lipstick. Once again for a change i thought id try the gloss. I picked up the 3D Effect- Volume & Shine Elixir. It states on the packaging that it moisturises for 8 hours... id probably say 5 hours at the most!

I got it in the colour (04) Rose Polemic. It looks very pink when you look at it, but once its on to me it just looks clear with a slight tint to it. It does smell really nice and makes your lips nice and soft.

Using the offer that was on in boots i saved £6.99 which is always a good thing! I will continue to use these, hopefully i will be able to give some more feedback once I've started to use them more regulary!

Do any of you use any product from this brand?


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