Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hair care

So the other day i was wondering round Tesco doing the local shop and i came across this...
I do use the L'Oreal Paris Elvive shampoo and conditioner for highlighted hair, but they didn't have any of this featured product that matched my usual selection so i opted to try this.
It is a 'Nutri-Gloss light conditioning shine spray for daily gloss' It is for 'Mid to long, fine hair that turns greasy' . It cost me £3.79, and it is a 200ml bottle. The smell of this product is gorgeous, every time i spray it i feel like i have washed my hair!
It is 'a leave in shine enhancing conditioner that you can use everyday, a spray that's light and quick to use'
The idea of this spray is that as mentioned it is a leave in conditioner. You can use this on dry or wet hair. I have actually tried it both ways and it works just as well. It leaves your hair really soft and smelling lovely, and also gives a nice little shine to it. 
I will always be using this product from now on as it has just made such a massive difference to the way my hair looks once it is styled. 
'Results: Weightless detangling, mirror shine & cashmere touch'

What to you use to maintain your hairs condition? xxxxx


  1. I hardly use anything to be honest even conditioner yet when i go to hairdressers they always say my hairs in good condition :S

  2. i wish i could be like that, my fringe is the worst i dont ever ever straighten my fringe, and it is in worse condition than my whole head of hair is!


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