Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sleepy Sundays #3

Sooo its that time of the week again; Sunday, and what a week its been! Lots of drama has been going on this week including at work and at home... sometimes i just want to curl up in a ball and hide away! After working all week I've had this weekend to relax and do what the hell i want... therefore resulting in shopping yesterday and going out for a few drinks last night to watch a pretty cool band. Today hasn't really consisted of much... I've just lazed about, cleared out a a few of my clothes and reorganised my closet, and blogged :) The sun seems to of gone missing again, someone tell it to come back!!
I dont really have much planned for next week other than i shall be working Monday through to Saturday with Tuesday and Sunday as my days off... and on Tuesday i plan to meet up with Hayley who runs the The Casbah blog... Go follow her she's lovely :) We shall perhaps be making a joint blog post?? Who knows.
Fathers Day is vastly approaching which i am not looking forward to at all. Its been just over a year and a half since my Dad died, and it still feels like yesterday... its not making it any easier by having junk emails saying 'Book your table for Fathers Day now!"... i defo need to log on to my emails and unsubscribe! I do hope you all plan lots of lovely things for your Dad's though... time is precious so enjoy every moment with those who mean the most to you!
Anyway i think thats all for this weeks "Sleepy Sundays" post... Keep reading as i have some very existing news coming up.. but i can't announce it just yet, so keep checking back to see if i reveal all :)

Have a lovely week xxxxx


  1. awww, this made me smile lotssss! joint blog post, i'm gonna be full of idea making today now :)
    hope everything's okay with you with your dad, thought about it the other day when i realised father's day was coming up :( just think about the memories... there are so many people out there who don't even speak to their dad and don't appreciate them like you have xxxxxx

  2. our joint entry never happened sadly! Im sure it will sometime soon! xxxxx


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