Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Keeping it simple: #OOTD

The time has come for all the weekend shopping trips to start getting those christmas presents for our loved ones. When I go shopping I hate wearing anything thick or heavy as I just get to hot, I like to be cool and comfy. Also I don't know if this is just me but when I go shopping I sometimes come home more depressed than when I went as I see other people dressed really nice and I see lots of lovely clothes then look at my own outfit and think what a waste of money, Heres to just a little post wearing something pink for an afternoon of shopping; and of course anything pink is a favourite to me! This is a simple affordable outfit that won't break the bank!

Here I was stuck, I really wanted to wear my knee high tan boots from New Look but then I remembered as I mentioned above how hot I get when I'm shopping, and so I decided to change them to the following for more comfort...

Jumper - PRIMARK - £5.00 (sale)
Jeggins - PRIMARK - £7.00
Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots - SELECT FASHION - £20
Necklace - PRIMARK - £2.00 (sale)
*Any other jewellery shown is Pandora*

What I love most about this outfit is that it is simple, pink & comfy. I love the jumper and it was an absolute bargain from Primark. It is pink knit at the front and has a white blouse type back which just makes it so different from all the other jumpers I have seen out at the minute which are really thick and heavy. I also really like how it has the collar. Usually I would wear a blouse under my jumper to create this look, but then once again get really hot and end up taking off the jumper. This is perfect as it creates the look without having to wear something underneath. This was £5 in the sale reduced from £12- I just couldn't say no to it, especially as it is pink! 
I decided to pair this with a simple pair of blue jeggins and finally decided to go with my cut out buckled ankle boots for my foot wear. These boots were a bargain too from Select Fashion at just £20! I have seen so many ankle boots on the high street at some shocking prices for what they actually are! I love the gold detailing on the buckle on these!
Lots of people were looking at me like I was mad walking around with no coat, but I just can't do with being hot and bothered when shopping!
So theres my outfit which totals £34... affordable and comfy!

Have you started your christmas shopping for 2014?


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