Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Posts to come :)

Hello my lovely's! I hope your all well? I was going to be blogging for you as i started a new project and wanted to share it with you all!... But I've been very very naughty; I've been and got myself a brand spanking new MacBook Pro! Eeeeks its SO beautiful! Im still unsure of how to use it properly yet, and i have no idea how i get my pictures on to it, so i promise when i find my way around it i will blog my new project for you and also show you my lovely MB Pro :) Also as you are all aware blogger has changed and i am loving this new image! But i also am struggling to use this too!
Speak soon, & to those who have stayed with me thank you xoxoxoxox

Do you have any of your own projects going on at the moment? xxxxxx

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