Tuesday, 18 February 2014

NOTD 18/02/2014

So, if your a girly girl like me (well you don't even need to be a girly girl, but if you love nail paints as much as I do) you may find yourself like me today wondering what colour to paint your nails when you have so much to choose from!

I decided to choose two of my favourite nail paints; One from the Barry M collections and one from Max Factor! Here is my choice…

                            1)                                                                                              2)

The picture to the left (1) is from the Barry M collection and is called Fushia- Number 302. You can buy this online using the following links or in any local beauty store such as Boots or Superdrug, or from the Barry M official website, costing £2.99.

I chose this colour today as I fancied a pink coloured nail paint, but this is such a lovely bright pink and it just stands out so well! Barry M nail paints are always good quality and long lasting I've found, and so putting this on is so simple. I just popped two coats of this on and straight away it gave me beautiful nails!

As you can see this 302 Fushia shade   is such a lovely colour and is nice and shiny creating a fab look at an affordable price!

Next just to spruce them up I decided to use one more colour for effect, and I chose the product below(picture number 2) …

This is a small nail paint by Max Factor. I had this last christmas time as I felt gold was the colour for the season! This nail paint doesn't actually tell me what shade/colour it is, so I have looked on the Max Factor website & it took me to a Boots website to buy it which come up with the label Ivory 1 for the colour (thats the closet I could find)...
This is a mini pot of lasting effects nail paint and is so sparkly and shimmery I love it! You can buy it in store or online at Boots and Superdrug. These little pots of joy are also 3.99.. bargains!
I only used this gold sparkly colour on one finger nail of each hand to give it a different effect.. Heres my end result!….

What colour are your nails today?

Hope you've enjoyed this NOTD post! Feel free to leave me a comment & let me know what you think!

You can buy both of these products at the stores mentioned above, and many others too.

Lots of love...


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