Thursday, 20 February 2014

Todays Mini OOTD 20/02/14

So today I have been out for lunch to Frankie & Benny's with some of the work girls and so I thought id share with you my chosen ootd. Ive classed this one as a mini one as I haven't had time to take proper photos of each item that I am wearing, and so I have just used the camera from my iPhone to take some quick snaps for you; rather than just not have a post to put up for you!

If your anything like me, going out to anywhere and deciding what to wear is a nightmare. You don't want to look under-dressed but then you also don't want to be over-dressed, right? I think its hard to find a balance of being in-between! Now when I go out I choose to use jewellery to help spruce up my outfits, but I still choose simple plain coloured outfits to tone my look down- that is unless I am going somewhere where a bit more thought and effort is required!
So my chosen outfit for today was on the casual side but I added some sparkle and a statement necklace just to spruce things up a little. Here are so photos!

So, what am I wearing? Heres a list for you with links to the products (if they are still available to buy online)

1. Pink Key Hole Back Textured Boxy Top- NEW LOOK £12.99
2. Cream sequin cardigan- PRIMARK £10.00 (no online link available- sorry!)
3. 'Rusty Gold' Statement Necklace- PRIMARK £3.99 (no online link available- sorry!)
4. Indigo Ultra Soft Jean- MISS SELFRIDGE £36.99 
5. Tan Studded Boots- NEW LOOK £18.00 (sale price- no longer available to buy online, I purchased them from the Manchester Piccadilly Store.)
(All other jewellery from Marc Jacobs & Pandora.)

I adore this top, it is so nice and can be worn casually or with a statement necklace to dress it up. I purchased mine in a size 10 as I found it to be quite big, I could of probably got away with a size 8 but I like things to be a little baggy. This top has short sleeves, a round neck and has a textured finish which gives it more of a luxurious feel than just wearing a t-shirt. For £12.99 I think it is fab for value, and it is available in other colours; black, white, and baby blue! You can find this top in store or online using my links at New Look.

Unfortunately I don't have a clickable link for you guys to view or buy this product as obviously Primark have not yet set up an online website which lets you buy things from it, so alls I can do is show you a picture and let you know a bit about the product. I brought this cardigan about a year ago as it just caught my eye. It can be worn daily with a t-shirt just to give your outfit a little bit more edge, or it can be worn to a more fancier occasion seen as it has sparkly sequins to give you that party look! This cardigan is quite baggy but is only a size small, but I like that because I find it more comfy. I love this cardigan and for £10 you can't really go wrong!

I was attracted to buy this necklace as soon as I saw it in my local store just because of the pretty detail of it. It is not a bright gold colour; more of a rusty gold, but I just love the shape of it and how it looks like a row of thin leaves which have detail on them. This is perfect over any top for that little added extra, or with a dress to really spruce it up on a night out in a subtle but not 'blinged up' way.

I usually if not always buy my jeans from Miss Selfridge. This is because often I have shopped around and wasted money on jeans that have left me not satisfied with the quality for money. I really like these jeans for several reasons. The colour is not just a dark blue, it is an Indigo blue which makes them stand out a bit more, and when I am wearing them I don't just feel like 'urgh I'm wearing jeans again'. In these jeans I feel confident not only to wear them on a day to day basis, but also to go out at night in perhaps for tea or to the cinema, as they feel nice and smart when they are on. I think £36.99 is a little on the pricey side for me personally, but I am willing to pay it just for the quality that they give. Every time they have come from the washer they have never altered and the colour of them has never faded. I have had these jeans for over 6 months now and worn them several times a week and they still look in great condition.

5. TAN STUDDED BOOTS - NEW LOOK, £18.99 (sale price, normally £39.99)
These boots are my favourite at the minute. I have quite a few pairs of knee length boots but I love the tan colour of these, and the effect the gold studs give to the actual boot. I have searched online for the link for these boots and they are not showing up at all so I take it they have sold out online, but I purchased mine from the Manchester store so perhaps you may be lucky enough to find them still in yours? £18.99 in the sale and what a fab price to pay. They are really comfy to wear and just zip up making them easy to take on and off. I love wearing these boots with jeans or leggings.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my ootd choice! Check back soon for more posts! (sorry about the house phone on the photo below, last minute snap!)

What has been your chosen OOTD today? 

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