Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday blues #OOTD

So today is my lovely mums birthday! After an up and down weekend this morning was finally the time to get back on my feet and get ready for the day ahead! After waking up and setting out all mums presents downstairs ready for when she arrived, I had the job of finding something to wear that looked smart but still felt casual as I was about to be top chef today and cook her a birthday meal! Sundays are always strange days, some sundays I don't even want to get out of my pjs unless I really have too! Today felt different, I had something to get up and get myself ready for instead of the usual 'its Sunday I must find something to do' kinda feeling. What outfit did I choose? Before I had to rush out to pick up some food to cook I managed to take a few photos.. Apologies for the poor camera shots!…

 Without the pale blue jumper…

 So… where is my outfit from & how much does it cost?

1.  White Blouse - PRIMARK - £9.00 (necklace comes seperate)

2. Fashion Necklace - PRIMARK - £4.00 

3. Black Skinny Jeans - PRIMARK - £7.00

4. Pale Blue Knitted Jumper - PRIMARK - £8.00

5. Black Ankle Boots - SELECT - £25.00

Why did I choose this outfit?
I loved wearing this today because it is so so comfy. The jumper is so nice and cosy and now that the winter is creeping around the corner I think it will be great for those cold months. I popped a simple white blouse underneath too add to the design of the jumper as I love to see the collar and cuffs out… This is something inspired from outfits Lucy Watson has worn on Made in Chelsea. Black skinny jeans, an essential to every girls wardrobe! They can be dressed up or down and so are just a vital piece to own. I paired my outfit with the little ankle boots as they too are also so comfy, and I guessed the gold detailing of the buckles would match my fashion necklace :)
After getting dressed I nipped to the shops to gather what I needed then headed home and cooked mum a lovely Sunday roast which was enjoyed by all! 

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday! Another working week ahead but hey ho not long till Christmas, keep smiling!



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