Thursday, 21 July 2011

Re. Foundation Blues...

If you have read my recent blogs then you will know all about my new foundation purchase... if not please find it here :)
As promised I said I would let you all know how I got on with this Loreal Infallible make-up.... Two words, love it! It has a perfect coverage and is so soft to the skin. The shade that I brought (140 Golden Beige) totally matched my skin complexion, and it just looks really nice. I would not say that it has a '16 Hour' wear, as I still find after a busy day at work, it does not stay on as good as it is when its first put on... BUT it does not come off altogether like most foundations do!
Overall I would rate this product maybe an 7/10... as it is quite pricey.

Whats your favourite foundation? xxxxx

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