Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Food diary, Week One

As i mentioned in my previous blog post, I've gone back to my healthy(ish) ways; or I'm at least trying to... and I've started back at the gym! When I'm not at the gym i try to walk for at least 20 minutes a day, and i also find playing on things like Just Dance is a good easy workout. Ive not gone completely crazy on 'diet food', but i have cut down a lot and I'm trying to cut all junk food out! Also I've banned eating after 6pm! My plan is I'm allowed treat foods (within a reasonable fashion) at the weekend, which will be from Friday night to Sunday dinner!

A few people have asked what sort of foods i am now eating instead of the usual chips, crisps etc.. so to make things easier for me iv decided to log what i actually eat in a day on my blog (food diary), that way i can see what I'm consuming, and obviously you get to nosey at it! I won't list my food intake over the weekend as theres no point really as it will only be trashy food :p

\Week One/
Breakfast- 1 piece of toast with low fat butter
Lunch- 1 banana
Dinner- 1 chicken fillet with 4 small new potatoes
Snacks- 1 apple and a few grapes

Breakfast- 1 piece of toast with low fat butter
Lunch- 1 apple
Dinner- beef and tomato cup-a-soup
Snacks- 1 banana and a few grapes

Breakfast- 1 weatabix with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch- egg on toast (1 egg & 2 slices of toast)
Dinner- a small Weight Watchers beef hotpot
Snacks- a small Weight Watchers strawberry yoghurt, a few grapes

Breakfast- 1 piece of toast with low fat butter
Lunch- Small tin of Heinz Spaghetti
Dinner- one snack wrap thingy :)
Snacks- none!

Breakfast- 1 weatabix with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch- 1 ham sandwich (2 slices of bread with one slice of wafer thin ham, & low fat butter)

I am also consuming at least 1 ltr of water a day.
I shall update this up to tomorrow after i have ate of course!

Just as a sort of disclaimer, the items i have ate and the amount of food i am consuming is an amount that my body can tolerate, please do not do this for yourself as it is in no way an example, its purely for my own benefit. For your own diets you should see a GP or someone who knows what you should and shouldn't be eating. Thanks.

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