Monday, 16 January 2012

January Wish List...

Okay so first things first, I've reached 50 followers, yaaay! Hello and welcome :) Its so nice to know that 50 people have subbed to my blog :)

As we all know its January, and if your like me- pretty penniless right now then you will probably feel the same as me; crap! I know christmas has only just gone but its those January sales that i have had to avoid.. but now i am seeing so many nice things that have come out ready for the year ahead!

Heres my January Wish list- not all items of clothing as I've seen some fab bits and bobs for home,...

\All photo's are screen captured from the actual sites, please find exact links below on the shop names :)

I love love the handbag from Topshop, its so girly :) The birdcage lamp i have actually now brought- two of them intact! They are so delicate and pretty, and even nicer when switched on! The stripe dress would be an ideal dress for any holidays i think! I love the colour of the ballet pumps.. Ive been looking for a new pair of shoes for a while now but none have taken my fancy so many just maybe these could be the ones! Last but not least the iPhone 4S.. my reasoning behind wanting one of these... because Blackberrys are crap (in my opinion anyway)! I have 7 months left on my Blackberry contract and i cannot wait to upgrade! It is forever crashing or running slow, i just hate it!

So there we have it my January wants!

What do you want this January?



  1. love the topshop bag! tbh i think i want everything this January haha, im just too poor to fund my wishes :( i think its time to start making my clothes again! x

    1. it is so pretty isnt it!! I wish i could make my own clothes.. i wouldnt know where to start! lol x


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