Thursday, 12 January 2012

Never say never

Okay, so i may be a little bit behind with the times- but oh my god fur (faux) headbands!!

I hate the fact that because i have quite a high forehead i can't really wear my hear in a middle parting, and these are just beauty's for me cause now i can and my forehead is hidden! Never say Never!

Id seen such a beautiful one in Topshop like the one I'm wearing above, except it was in a burgundy red colour- SO nice! Buuut as usual with my luck they were sold out within like a day! I tried online and they also didn't have any so i went in a big fat mood as you do! Then i went into River Island and spotted this beauty! It was in the sale!! Previously had been £14.99 (i think) and i got it for £6, BARGIN! Its basically just a headband with elastic at the back to stretch over your head, full of faux fur! They did have some other colours too, a lilac and a grey and possibly some others... however I'm not sure if they still have them cause they were selling fast! I was a little worried that it would make me itch or actually hurt my head after wearing it for so long, but its so comfy! Heres my lilac purple one...

This one is just as fab (looks a little pinky on this photo but its more lilac in real life).. probably a little more outgoing as its brighter but still really cute! This was actually only £3 in the sale so a defo must have for me!

Are you a fan of these headbands? x


  1. i love it!! I love headbands but certain ones just don't suit me :( wish i could pull this look off xx


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