Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I will never be the same; without you...

So bloggers I'm back, gosh its been a while! I apologise for my lack of blog posts; it has been a while. From my last posts before my break you will of seen work was becoming very busy for the christmas period. Ive been working 11/12 hour shifts which would finish at 9pm at night and then had to be back in work for 8.30am the next day for a 9 hour shift... that was my life over christmas! Then Christmas day was my only day off because of work, and on that day i had to cook christmas dinner for 5, yes 5! I hope you all had a lovely christmas and got lots of nice presents!

I did want to blog about my christmas, but i was that busy i just didn't have chance. My work front has quietened down a lot now, so i think i can finally say i will have time to sit down and blog again *yaay* .. I suppose sometimes life does just take over and before you know it so many things have taken place before you can actually sit back and realise the time that has passed!

Not too much has changed regarding me since my last posts, i started back on healthy eating and I'm back in the gym at long last! and also the obvious shown in the photo above, i had some pink put in my hair & i love it! Ive actually had a bit more put in since that photo was taken... i shall perhaps blog about it in the coming weeks, after all I'm back and the world is my blogger :)

Im not too sure what my next blog post is going to be, but it will be tomorrow so be sure to look back for it :)


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