Tuesday, 24 January 2012

You can't choose what stays and what fades away...

So its Tuesday already... where are these weeks going?! At the minute alls I'm finding is I'm working hard but not playing at all.. I'm sure its meant to be work hard play harder?!
Im having a major struggle at the minute with everything, and I'm finding myself questioning everything. Do you every just have those days where your like 'why do this, why would you do that' ... Maybe its just me, but I'm really starting to see true colours from every aspect! I just feel like i need a change in everything, looks, location.. everything! Im also using the word 'everything' a lot... not good considering I'm a graduated English student ha! I guess in a way i could say I'm feeling very un-inspirational at the minute, and I'm lacking motivation! This won't last for long i can assure you as my ocd won't allow it!

On a positive note, I've now reached 52 followers, yaaaay! I do have a lot of OOTD's that i need to get posted for you all, and i have a couple of hauls too.. but i have lost my usb lead *cries :(* so for the time being I'm stuck uploading pictures via email which is taking me forever!

Feel free to leave me some comments as to what posts you would like to see coming up :)

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