Wednesday, 12 October 2011

#2 WanderingWednesday..

Hey there.. I apologise for the picture, i don't look my best here! So this is my second 'Wandering Wednesday' post! I hope your all okay! As you know i recently created a post specifically for a blog sale (you can find this here). It was my first every blog sale, and I'm surprised at how many people have actually viewed it, i think it was like 61 people last time i checked! That is the highest amount of views i have had on any of my posts so far i think so id just like to say thank you.. although i am a tad disappointed as 61 people have looked at it but nobody has brought anything :( Ahhh well il keep trying!

Anyway this weekend just gone I've not really been unto much! I worked Friday night, & Saturday and Sunday morning; it didn't leave much room for any fun! However the weather has also been shocking, rain rain rain and more rain! What is this weather, i hate rain!
After work on Saturday i treated myself to two new tops; i shall blog those another day! I usually like to have some yummy food over the weekend, especially if i have not been anywhere because of work, but this weekend i didn't :S ... first for everything! So instead last night i decided to cook up a full roast dinner! It was delicious :)

Also, if any of you are Blackberry users, how annoying are the phones right now!! Today is the third day of not being able to use it properly! My BBM doesn't work, FB or Twitter.... Emails don't work, its just not on!! Im not too bothered about BBM or FB, but it is just principle that we are paying for these services and nothing is being done about it! Its very strange to revert back to SMS, but it feels nice at the time... almost sentimental, seen as social media has changed the way we all communicate now!

Its safe to say that since my last 'Wandering Wednesday' post alls I've done is worked & stayed at home and watched tele, pretty boring if you ask me! Im off work all week now until Saturday night when i work 6-12pm putting the second half of christmas shop in again... I just hope my wrist can take all the heavy lifting! Im unsure if i have anything planned for the Sunday as i am not working because of working till midnight on Saturday.. sooo i shall just have to see!

I think for the rest of today i may write up some posts and get them scheduled so that i am ahead again. I would tidy my room but theres not a thing out of place so i can't do that, and i tidied my wardrobe out the other day so thats done too. I never know what to do these days now when I'm not at work... growing up isn't as fun as it is to be young lol. It is my mums birthday next week, so i do need to start to think about presents. Ive already ordered her a big bouquet of flowers, i just never know what to buy! I think today I'm also going to change how my blog looks... so let me know what you think :)

Anyway this is my weekly post... I shall blog the next #3 WanderingWednesday.. next Wednesday! Be sure to look out for my other posts that i will be doing, and don't forget pleeeease keep checking my blog sale; id love it if i could make my first sale from my blog!

With love xxxxx


  1. its such a pain in the bum!! i just want my emails and twitter to work I'm not bothered about the rest lol xx


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